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TWEET THIS TUESDAY Election 2014 Time 2 Clean House and De Kline

Election 2014: Time 2 Clean House and De Kline Congress! Because Americans deserve a Champion working for them; Not a Chump working for the Fat Cats of For-Profit schools. If you agree, will you tweet?  Thanks! .@EdWorkforce NO2 @Kline4congress as chair Workers need a Champion 4 Up Min Wage! #FireKlineClick To Tweet .@EdWorkforce NO2 @Kline4congress as chair Women need […]

Kline and Kansas

In 2010, the voters of the entire state of Kansas made a mistake in who they elected to the office of Governor. In 2011, he came into office and began implementing his policies, in cooperation with a Republican legislature.  The result?  Credit rating agencies like Moody’s took a dim view, per the Wichita Eagle: Moody’s […]

The Roundtable’s new website layout

Mnpoliticalroundtable.com, mostly manned by MN Central, sometimes manned by MnPact.org‘s Dave Mindeman, and then womanned by Dog Gone and Holly Cairns on the rare occasion, has a new look. MN Central, who uses a pseudonym (and no, I don’t know who he is) often writes from an Independent perspective but agrees with us other writers […]

MN-02 : The TRUST-meter

Revisiting John Kline’s press release issued in response to President Obama’s State of the Union address, a couple of points stick out. Mr. Kline addresses the need to constrain spending while citing some of the “good things” that he is involved in – such as supporting schools and the military … all with the message […]

Who’s Thankful for Farm Subsidies ?

John Kline (R-MN-02) proudly encourages citizens to visit his Stop The Pork website to learn about wasteful government spending. Yet, there is another kind of Pork that Mr. Kline does not talk about … the Pork we eat and the whole Agricultural Subsidy programs … and the Kline family farm that participates in that subsidy […]

Kline on Earth Day

by Dave Mindeman Back in July of 2009, Congressman Kline penned an op-ed piece about the proposed Cap and Trade legislation. There are couple of things about that piece that are relevant as we celebrate Earth Day on this April 22nd. First, a minor point but goes to relevancy, (as my lawyer wife might say): […]