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10 Things I’d Like to See in 2019 Minnesota

Legalize Marijuana – Legalizing marijuana serves several real life purposes. First, it reduces the unnecessary incarceration of people for a comparatively minor offense. Second, it reduces some of the African-American disparities in those incarceration rates. Third, it gives people with chronic pain a reasonable alternative to opioids. Fourth, it provides an economic boost for agriculture.  […]

Pawlenty’s Unallotment Use Nixes BiPartisan Compromise

Governor Pawlenty is feeling frisky again.  Must be gearing up for one of those national fundraising trips.  Today, in another flash of “bipartisan” problem solving, Pawlenty called the DFL Legislative majority “pathetic and ridiculous”.  Nice negotiating posture for budget negotiations. But if you examine the rest of Pawlenty’s statement, you get the reason for the […]