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What’s Entenza Talking About ?

“There are all sorts of reasons why more can’t be done, but once again, I’m not a student of Washington D.C.” was the response from DFL gubernatorial candidate Matt Entenza when he was asked if he was disappointed in President Barack Obama. Great soundbyte for the General Election, Mr. Entenza ! Mr. Entenza then went […]

Entenza Picks A Trusted Voice in our Living Rooms

I received this from the Matt Entenza for governor’s office today (sadly, not from Bridget Cusick! We’ll miss getting Bridget’s fun and upbeat news about Matt): Matt Entenza Picks Robyne Robinson for LG St. Paul-Today, via Twitter, Matt Entenza revealed his choice for lieutenant governor. The announcement went out to followers at 9:55 a.m.: “It’s […]