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Bachmann Thanks MICHELE and God in Final Floor Speech

In the last hour of each Congressional Day, Members assume the microphone to discuss whatever is on their mind, and for almost eight years, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN-06) has provide regular nighttime entertainment for CSPAN viewers … her remarks are always enlightening. And this week, as her Congressional career comes to an end, she took […]

Bachmann Leads Kline From Trafficking To Deportation

“It was a remarkable two days of legislative dysfunction, even for congressional Republicans, who have been pushing the limits of unhinged governance” was the opening line in a New York Times OpEd. Three tweets provide the background : Last week, the @HouseGOP seemed to care about human trafficking victims. This week…not so much. #BorderCrisis pic.twitter.com/f2pNrnzYDA […]

Kline Tweets Campaign Strategy

IF a picture is worth a thousand words, then a tweet containing a photo must be worth a thousand votes … or so, John Kline must hope. Reading the President's health care law (then a bill) w/ @MicheleBachmann in November, 2009. #ThrowbackThursday pic.twitter.com/oe4YXU6H8q — John Kline (@repjohnkline) July 3, 2014 The Kline Campaign Strategy is […]

WHY Kline Likes Budget Deal : More Defense, More Oil, More For-profit Student Loans

Michele Bachmann (R-MN-06), Steve King (R-IA-04), Jim Jordan (R-OH-04) and others sent a letter to Speaker John Boehner (R-OH-07) as the Ryan-Murray budget guidelines were being finalized : What has become clear is that Democrats are not interested in solving the problems created by the sequester: they are only interested in using the threat of […]

GOP House To Vote On Jobs Bill This Week

“We’ve got 70 new members who have not had an opportunity to vote on the president’s health care law,” House Speaker John Boehner explaining his reasoning for scheduling a vote in early May. “Frankly they’ve been asking for an opportunity to vote on it.” With that vote, the bucket list is being checked off. Last […]