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 January 2011 issue of AJN

Kline Talks: Boots On The Ground, Federal Action Needed on Ebola, and Taxes

Yes, for those that wondered #WhereIsKline, Sunday morning viewers had an opportunity to see John Kline’s joint appearance with his challengers, Mike Obermueller and Paula Overby, on KSTP’s At Issue program. That’s typical Kline … he schedules Tele-Town Hall events to coincide with the dinner hour, so a Sunday morning when many people are gathered […]

Kline Uses Attack Ads, But Obermueller Gains Endorsements On Issues

John Kline has amassed $2,662,460 in campaign contributions this cycle (through October 15) and has received the endorsement of the Star-Tribune newspaper … as well as some pretty quick congratulations @StribOpinion Endorsement: John Kline "a strong record of getting serious legislation enacted" http://t.co/rbWlCtnOqw — Dan Hazelwood (@HazelwoodDan) October 25, 2014 For those that don’t know […]

GOP Insiders Whine That Obermueller Ad Lies

Why is Mike Obermueller on my TV lying about John Kline? Go away. #MN02 — Andrew Wagner (@andrewwagner) October 24, 2014 Gosh, after dissecting John Kline’s first ad “Deliver” … a faux-positive message which is factually distorted … and then his second commercial “He Looks” finding that Mike Obermueller is being blamed for supporting legislation […]

Kline’s Votes Prove Obermueller’s Numbers

In a rather crass attack ad, John Kline approves a commercial entitled, “He Looks” which portrays Mike Obermueller as someone who is looking for ways to spend “your money.” Crass, because it takes the footing from Mike Obermueller’s 2012 campaign ad “Numbers” and inserts its own verbiage altering the original Obermueller message. And like many […]

Kline Attacks Obermueller on Breeding Bird Atlas Vote That Pawlenty Approved

As voters are talking about the student debt crisis, income inequality, a fair tax system, and worried that the Republicans will takeaway their healthcare, John Kline has approved a “new” television commercial which ignores those issues to attack Mike Obermueller. “new” because it really it isn’t new … first, the Kline For Congress campaign has […]

Connect the Dots : John Kline, Koch Brothers, Jeff Johnson, Charter Schools

Should public funding follow kids, even if they enroll in private or parochial school? Jeff Johnson: yes, ideally… http://t.co/qiGWbTiCtI — FredMelo, Reporter (@FrederickMelo) October 13, 2014 The question is phrased in an interesting way … Should public funding “follow” kids … instead of … Should tax dollars be transferred to private businesses ? Yet that […]