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MN02 Jason Lewis Paid $3,346.15 ~ Attends Trump Inauguration Ceremonies

Your tax dollars at work. The Vikings' stadium reportedly $50 million over budget. Boy, didn't see that one coming… pic.twitter.com/72tZ1BNiqO — Jason Lewis (@Jason2CD) July 23, 2015 Speaking of Your tax dollars at work, last week was another costly week for the taxpayers wondering when the Republican-controlled Congress would start holding hearings and moving legislation. […]

McFadden Says Yes to Chinese Steel While Kline Remains Silent and Inactive

Was it a “political blunder” or a “honest politician’s straight talk” when Mike McFadden said at FarmFest2014 that companies doing construction here in America could use steel imported from China instead of using steel from American sources – like Minnesota’s Iron range ? The Forum News Service pressed, would Chinese steel be OK? “Yes,” wannabe-Senator […]

Jackie Craig runs for Lakeville School Board

Jackie Craig and her family. Lakeville’s former ECFE (Eary Childhood Family Education) Advisory Council chair Jackie Craig is running for school board! She’s a ball of energy. Craig, also a member of  Leadership Lakeville, has experience collaborating with community members and school staff. If you care about kids and want to help her campaign, here’s her blog […]

Debate Argument : Solar Is Dumb; Marla Vagts Has The Right View on the Environment and Jobs

This week’s Star-Tribune OpEd recognizing Minnesota jobs related to the passage during Governor Tim Pawlenty’s tenure of the Next Generation Energy Act of 2007 was heartening … especially, after reading an account by Wisconsin State Representative Chris Taylor of her experiences at an ALEC event. From the Strib : Key points : • More jobs […]

Al Franken:

Today I got a call on behalf of Minnesota’s Senator Franken asking how I would vote in 2014. I told her I’ll vote for Senator Franken and proceeded to grill her on the issues! Ha! I was impressed by her  knowledge of Al’s voting pattern and issues stance.  So, beware. If you’re going to call […]