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If It Was Romney’s Idea, Would Kline Still Oppose a “Consumer Reports” Style Ratings System ?

John Kline’s August slumber was rudely interrupted by President Obama reminding Chairman Kline of his failure to move beyond an April 16th hearing on reforming the Higher Education Act. Yep, The Higher Education Act, last rewritten in 2008, expires at the end of this calendar year and just like everything else that this DoNothing Republican-controlled […]

Four Keys to Romney Winning Minnesota

So the Strib polls says that President Obama’s lead is within the margin of error and now the Romney campaign is touting that it will advertize in Minnesota ($30,000 by the campaign and $1.1 Million by his SuperPAC friends) …. hmmm … but wouldn’t he do better to escape SuperStormSandy and visit Minnesota … or […]

Iowa Republican Poll

New Poll : 49% Favor Gay Marriage – 42% Oppose

While Minnesotans are beginning to debate whether to incorporate into the state Constitution to limit the Freedom to Marry, the State of Iowa has allowed same-sex marriage for years. Whatever horrors that some may want to promote as inevitable or even remotely possible, so a poll of Iowans may put some of those assertions and […]