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ObamaCare : Nothing was lost, but much was gained so why does Kline want to repeal it

The recent announcement that PreferredOne was not going to participate in the MNsure program brought the expected bashing by those opposed to the Affordable Care Act. Then there was the announcement of the expected rates changes … which brought the expected questioning of the overall rate change and bashing of the program. Let’s ignore those […]


Mike Obermueller Attends Climate Change Forum While Fears of “Planetary Fever” Haunt John Kline

“I have been in despair at the falling poll numbers of people who fail to understand the seriousness of this challenge” expressed Jim Lenfesty on the subject of climate change. That concern prompted him to get involved in organizing Saturday’s forum on climate change held in Red Wing with the objective explaining to willing listeners […]


Should PreferredOne Been Booted Off MNsure ?

The news that low-cost provider PreferredOne was pulling itself out of the MNsure exchange has caused some degree of concern for some shoppers. But should it ? Think of PreferredOne as you would think of other consumer products … after all, that’s what they are … they just provide a “menu” of services that are […]


Is Emma Watson, John Kline’s next target ?

Interesting tweet projecting the John Kline re-election strategy … Just had a ridic phone survey clearly from #FlipADistrict John Kline ripping @billmaher to shreds. I'm voting for Obermueller. — Mel (@doserenebirth) October 2, 2014 Yep, it appears that for candidate John Kline, the strategy is to avoid the public … heck even his FACEBOOK and […]