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April 14 2015 : John Kline Votes Against Family Leave

As it has been mentioned before, John Kline supported the Republican Study Committee’s Blueprint for a Balanced Budget. That plan lowering non-defense discretionary spending to $405 billion in FY16, which is less than the Republican-controlled Budget Committee requested ($493.5 billion) … and sure to mean cuts for education, Medicare, Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, etc. […]


MN02 : Mary Lawrence … Why are you running ?

It’s the first question that every candidate needs to answer … Why are you running ? You probably know the John Kline story … In 2001, Tom Davis of the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee booked a table for three at Minnesota’s finest steak house and jetted out here to try to persuade John Kline to […]


Mary Lawrence Looking Forward to Challenging John Kline and then House Republicans using Minnesota Commonsense

The Pioneer Press reported what had already been known for over a month … Mary Lawrence would seek the DFL endorsement for Minnesota’s Second District. “After serving our nation’s Veterans and Service members as a physician at the VA for over 17 years, practicing and teaching medicine, I’ve seen first-hand the negative consequences a hyper-partisan […]


125 Amendments and Vocal Outrage Should Tell Kline to Hit the Reset Button on Student Success Act

Remember when John Kline (R-MN-02) said : This issue is far too important to be determined by partisan battles. There are solid, commonsense ideas members of all political stripes can coalesce around as we seek to stop unnecessary political bickering and formulate a solution that puts the American people ahead of government ambition. Today, the […]


Seniors Wonder : Can Angie Craig Be the Betty McCollum of #MN02 ?

Minnesota seniors are beginning to wise up to John Kline’s “lip service” especially after Chairman Kline inserted a provision in the “must-pass” CRomnibus legislation that allowed earned pension benefits to be cut. Although AARP and the Pension Rights Center cried foul, it was enacted by the Republican-controlled House. The Star-Tribune provided reactions from shocked Minnesotans […]