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Hauser / Craig on AT ISSUE : The Obligatory Question

When Angie Craig sat down for Tom Hauser’s AT ISSUE program, the obligatory question was expected. The segment was an opportunity for the DFL candidate to discuss her run for Congress and the issues she’s focused on in her campaign to represent Minnesota’s Second District. 1. Prioritizing high quality public education and college affordability. 2. […]


MN-02 : Meet Darlene Miller’s Washington Man

Tip O’Neill may have famously said “All politics is local” but Minnesota’s Second District is soon to find out that Washington is where the money is … and that is where Darlene Miller’s money man is located. OK … to catch-up for those that haven’t been paying attention to MN02, incumbent John Kline announced in […]


A thought-provoking tweet about Angie Craig

In business, have you encountered certain people who just impress you ? Ya know, they seem to grasp problems and offer solutions that make sense. Those people who have earned your respect … you trust them … you know when they say they will get something done, they will. Do you look at those people […]