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Memory Monday : September 29 ~ John Kline Votes To Include “conscience clause” in the Government Funding Bill

When John Kline was campaigning for his sixth term, his television commercial had a simple message : The essence of the message was that America needed a Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution in order to Force Washington To Be Responsible. Well, since the House is in recess until after the election, let’s check […]


John Kline Pollster Delivers Bad News and Spin Strategy

First, a little Third Grade Reading Comprehension Test : What is the message in these September 11 to the 15th press releases ? John Kline Supports Bipartisan Jobs Legislation Kline Champions Bipartisan, Bicameral Agreement to Reform Child Care & Development Block Grant Kline Supports Bipartisan Legislation to Ensure Minnesotans Can Keep Their Health Care Kline […]


One Check Is Not Enough For John Kline

9/11 … a somber day for most Americans, but as previously reported that was just another day for soliciting campaign contributions as John Kline held “a cigar and whiskey tasting event at a Capitol Hill townhouse”. Who was there has not been reported, but it has been reported that the For-Profit Education Industry has been […]


MN02 Constituents Respond to Kline Obamacare Press Release

Minnesota’s Second District Congressman John Kline issued a press release last week, “Today the House passed legislation to allow hard-working Minnesotans to keep the health plans they like, providing workers and small businesses more affordable health care options. I urge the Senate to support the legislation without delay.” For those keeping count that is notch […]


On 9/11, John Kline Fundraises

9/11 … a day that united Americans–grieving together while vowing to never forget. That spirit of unity in the face of great challenge is what our nation is all about. The Kline For Congress posted an appropriate message for the day … We will never forget. #NeverForget pic.twitter.com/3XpXTY01cQ — John Kline (@Kline4Congress) September 11, 2014 […]

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The Backstory to that Kline Video

Agree or Disagree : “The condition of your birth doesn’t determine the outcome of your life.” College graduates today are no different than the 22 year old kid with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Northwood University (formally Northwood Institute) of West Palm Beach FL faced in 1995 … can I get a job […]