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Kline’s Votes Prove Obermueller’s Numbers

In a rather crass attack ad, John Kline approves a commercial entitled, “He Looks” which portrays Mike Obermueller as someone who is looking for ways to spend “your money.” Crass, because it takes the footing from Mike Obermueller’s 2012 campaign ad “Numbers” and inserts its own verbiage altering the original Obermueller message. And like many […]


Kline Attacks Obermueller on Breeding Bird Atlas Vote That Pawlenty Approved

As voters are talking about the student debt crisis, income inequality, a fair tax system, and worried that the Republicans will takeaway their healthcare, John Kline has approved a “new” television commercial which ignores those issues to attack Mike Obermueller. “new” because it really it isn’t new … first, the Kline For Congress campaign has […]


ObamaCare : Nothing was lost, but much was gained so why does Kline want to repeal it

The recent announcement that PreferredOne was not going to participate in the MNsure program brought the expected bashing by those opposed to the Affordable Care Act. Then there was the announcement of the expected rates changes … which brought the expected questioning of the overall rate change and bashing of the program. Let’s ignore those […]


Mike Obermueller Attends Climate Change Forum While Fears of “Planetary Fever” Haunt John Kline

“I have been in despair at the falling poll numbers of people who fail to understand the seriousness of this challenge” expressed Jim Lenfesty on the subject of climate change. That concern prompted him to get involved in organizing Saturday’s forum on climate change held in Red Wing with the objective explaining to willing listeners […]