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Bill Maher Visits Northfield: Panelists React

HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher recently taped its Flipadistrict segment in Northfield, Minnesota.  Maher has named MN02 District 2′s Congressman John Kline the nation’s worst legislator and is attempting to flip him out.  I wrote about this earlier if you’re looking for local news reaction. Six panelists debated the environment, student debt, and women’s issues.  From left to right, […]

Sign of the times: Mattress, Anyone?

This spring I’ve spotted several mattresses waiting by the curb.  Somebody clue me in.  There must have been a sale here in Northfield.  Anyway, the day after that big rain they were soaking wet and I was irritated by the site of them. Last week I saw a family stuff one in their truck.  I’m […]