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McFadden Says Yes to Chinese Steel While Kline Remains Silent and Inactive

Was it a “political blunder” or a “honest politician’s straight talk” when Mike McFadden said at FarmFest2014 that companies doing construction here in America could use steel imported from China instead of using steel from American sources – like Minnesota’s Iron range ? The Forum News Service pressed, would Chinese steel be OK? “Yes,” wannabe-Senator […]

Did Nolan or Kline Win on Medicare Advantage ?

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Although neither customarily wears a white beard, if the gift you wanted was that the government continue to fund the insurance industry’s Medicare Advantage program, you got your present … and let’s give credit to Rick Nolan, John Kline and over 150 other Members of Congress. But like […]

Video Debate == Kline : Dereliction of Duty -vs.- Walz : What business owner shuts the door and goes home before finishing critical work?

Anyone remember John Kline’s (R-MN-02) admonishment of May 25, 2010 ? “It is a dereliction of public duty for this Congress to deliberately fail to pass a budget. [SNIP] We are failing our children by failing to produce a budget. It is time to get our priorities straight and our fiscal house in order.” Surely […]

Nolan, Klobuchar Are Only MN Problem Solvers

In the battle of the Do-Nothings versus the Problem-Solvers, sadly only two Members of the Minnesota delegation have joined the No Labels Problem Solvers coalition. No Labels is a group of 37 Republicans, 43 Democrats and 1 Independent dedicated to promoting a new politics of problem solving in America. First step is Make Government Work! […]