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MN-GOV : Emmer Business Advice – Cut Wages

Understanding politics is relatively easy … there are only two questions that need be asked : #1. Who is motivating this change ( i.e. what special interest is pulling the strings) ? #2. Who are the winners and losers giving consideration to consumers, businesses, workers and the government … and of course, the politician ? […]

How Many Hornets Do Minnesota Taxpayers Want ?

As the Minnesota legislative session was coming to an end, there were a number of soul-searching votes that we entrusted our elected officials to make. We hope they vote in “our” interest and not just following party leaders’ instructions. Reviewing those votes, I was struck by an authorization that was easily approved by the Minnesota […]

Pawlenty Intercepts Vikings Stadium Pass

Governor Veto has pushed one more problem onto his successor — the loss of the Minnesota Vikings. When my State Senator Julie Rosen (SD-24-Fairmont-Republican) joined forces with Tom Bakk (SD-06-Cook-DFL) to offer the SF 3399 and in the House State Morrie Lanning (9A-Moorhead-Republican) and Loren Solberg (3B–Grand Rapids-DFL) offered HF 3825, the thought was there […]

Fear of Hitler Motivates MN-01 Republicans

The headline of the Minnesota’s Republican Party’s Second Congressional District convention in Red Wing on March 20 that the delegates came within two votes of supporting a resolution supporting what state party chair Tony Sutton described as “the right of states to secede from the union,” one had to wonder what the First District convention […]

Republicans AWOL on Education

Author’s note: This was first blogged here, March 11th, 2010. In addition, we’re switching to summary view here on the homepage.  And now I’m checking to see if another post is a sticky. Is there a military term for absent without leaving? Republicans recently issued the Republican Principles for Ensuring Student Success in the 21st […]