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Kline PAC Supports Corrupt Candidates

Since 2005, the Watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has highlighted the most egregious violators of the public trust in its annual Most Corrupt Members of Congress report. Their website also lists politicians under investigation for ethics violations. Now, CREW has begun a list of Crooked Candidates to shine the spotlight […]

Republicans Exposing Themselves

What do Republicans value?  Big money, but only for some people. 6/16/2010, 6/18/2010: While a slew of fishermen and families struggle just to make ends meet, Michele Bachmann stands up for BP, and Joe Barton apologizes to BP. 2010: Claiming to be fiscally responsible, Republican governor Tim Pawlenty suggests borrowing against Minnesota schools, and delays […]

MN-GOV : Emmer Business Advice – Cut Wages

Understanding politics is relatively easy … there are only two questions that need be asked : #1. Who is motivating this change ( i.e. what special interest is pulling the strings) ? #2. Who are the winners and losers giving consideration to consumers, businesses, workers and the government … and of course, the politician ? […]

How Many Hornets Do Minnesota Taxpayers Want ?

As the Minnesota legislative session was coming to an end, there were a number of soul-searching votes that we entrusted our elected officials to make. We hope they vote in “our” interest and not just following party leaders’ instructions. Reviewing those votes, I was struck by an authorization that was easily approved by the Minnesota […]

Pawlenty Intercepts Vikings Stadium Pass

Governor Veto has pushed one more problem onto his successor — the loss of the Minnesota Vikings. When my State Senator Julie Rosen (SD-24-Fairmont-Republican) joined forces with Tom Bakk (SD-06-Cook-DFL) to offer the SF 3399 and in the House State Morrie Lanning (9A-Moorhead-Republican) and Loren Solberg (3B–Grand Rapids-DFL) offered HF 3825, the thought was there […]