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31 Straight Months of Job Losses Could Be Just the Start

Once again, Friday brought another Jobs Report and no press release from John Kline (R-MN-02) the Chairman of the Education and Workforce Committee. So here’s the word from Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi who released the following statement after the Department of Labor announced that the economy added 236,000 jobs in February and the unemployment rate […]

Sequester Does Not Stop the Music, Just the Travel

John Kline (R-MN-02) expressed his concerns about mandatory federal budget cuts, “The cuts are mindless cuts — Republicans and Democrats would like to have an alternative to sequestration. We don’t want sequestration, because these cuts are not prioritized cuts.” The impact has been slow … and thus far, citizen have not seen any impact … […]

Ignoring Sequestration, House Votes To Hold A Contest

I wonder how 14-year old John Kline reacted when his school embraced President John Kennedy’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Program in which students were challenged to passed a physical fitness test. Would he have considered this to be an intrusion an example of the Democratic administration’s “executive overreach” as he has protested President […]

Sequester: Poppin’ Pigs or Hurtful Cuts?

Those damn 1% of us Americans and their deep pockets. Crooks and Liars’ Johnson recently wondered where the money went as 40% of us are making less than the 1968 minimum wage: “If the minimum wage had risen in step with productivity growth [since 1968], it would be over $16.50 an hour today. That is higher than the hourly wages […]