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MN-06 : KSTP and the Push Poll

The Headline : Bachmann Maintains 9-point Lead Over Clark in 6th District The Story : No story here … Bachmann is gonna win, so don’t bother thinking about the issues. Move on to the next Headline. Push Polls have intended results … but there are also some polls that create there own unintended conclusions. Such […]

MN-02 : Kline’s Solution – Unfunded Mandates ?

Dave Mindeman on his MNPact.org blog notes that Dakota County Commissioner’s plan to raise property tax rates for transit improvements after failing to obtain the final $20 million through a Federal appropriation : Republican U.S. Rep. John Kline has refused on principle to seek earmarked federal funding for Cedar Avenue, (Dakota County Commissioner Will) Branning […]

MN-GOV : How Much Did MN-GOP Help Dayton ?

Although the election turnout was pathetic, as in any election the only question is “who” shows up to vote ? Assuming that DFLers were serious about selecting their candidate, was there any mischief generated by MN-GOP cross-over voters ? The August 10th election had three types of contests – those that were non-partisan elections, non-competitive […]

Veterans Stand Behind Tarryl Clark

Good news from the Tarryl Clark campaign, today (and I did see this cross the wires a few days ago).  This endorsement comes in a time of great struggle for many families.   I believe the nod went to Tarryl because she really will fight for benefits, just cause, and the like.  So, ICYMI: Veterans […]

Connecting the Dots : BP and Bank Reform

Tarryl Clark, the Democrat candidate to represent Minnesota’s Sixth District, has launched her first television commercial highlighting Michele Bachmann (R-MN-06) support of British Petroleum. “Congresswoman Bachmann has made it clear where she stands: with BP, and against us,” said Clark. “While Congresswoman Bachmann continually opposed common sense accountability measures for big business, Wall Street and […]

Tarryl Clark Shakes Head Over Bachmann and BP Love

Tarryl Clark, candidate for the congressional seat currently held by Michele Bachmann in Minnesota’s sixth district, is shaking her head over Michele’s defense of the massive British Petroleum (BP). (Bachmann, if she were head of BP):  “[We wouldn’t be] be chumps, and [we wouldn’t be] fleeced” Bachmann is more worried about people cheating BP than […]

Unified in Minnesota’s 6th, Tarryl Clark on Maureen Reed dropping out

Here’s the classy Tarryl Clark, candidate for Minnesota’s Sixth District House of Representatives seat, talking about Maureen Reed dropping out of the race.  For those of you who don’t know, Tarryl Clark is vying for Michele Bachmann’s Congressional seat. Go Tarryl.  Your district needs you.  (PS, And look, it’s Carrie Lucking over at the Clark […]