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7/14 Erik Paulsen Correspondence Corner : Challenging Fiscal Sanity as Deficits Don’t Matter

PREFACE : Erik Paulsen regularly issues a video Correspondence Corner in which he responds to constituent questions. It is a great ploy — Congressman Paulsen determines what question is to be answered … thus, providing him an opportunity to portray himself as effectively responding to issues that he wishes to address as if they are […]

Paulsen Pushing HSAs and FSAs While Voting Against Protecting Consumers From Price-gouging

Good piece in @thehill that mentions my legislation to give workers more health care choices through HSAs and FSAs https://t.co/pdM8SjBizU — Rep. Erik Paulsen (@RepErikPaulsen) March 23, 2016 Erik Paulsen (R-MN-03) is pushing his H.R. 4469 Health Savings Account Act of 2016 … a proposal that is just the latest regurgitation of his legislative proposals […]

Moody’s Rating Upgrade (& More Jobs) Raises Questions of Erik Paulsen Medical Device Tax Repeal Efforts

While the television is blasting the latest Trump tweet, expanding wildfires and the stories of how Wall Street is reacting to the Chinese economic actions, there is an underreported story … one that Erik Paulsen doesn’t want to talk about. After all, Erik Paulsen acknowledges that his repeal of the 2.3% Medical Device Tax will […]

John Kline Champions Deficit-adding $2.051 Billion Tax Cut

Pleased legislation I championed easing financial burdens for individuals with disabilities passed the House. pic.twitter.com/gyiKXifRIZ — John Kline (@repjohnkline) December 3, 2014 With Congress now on recess, taxpayers can now review what was accomplished … and what was not. As previously written, the Pillars of a New Majority crumbled along with the “No Budget, No […]

Connect the Dots : John Kline, Koch Brothers, Jeff Johnson, Charter Schools

Should public funding follow kids, even if they enroll in private or parochial school? Jeff Johnson: yes, ideally… http://t.co/qiGWbTiCtI — FredMelo, Reporter (@FrederickMelo) October 13, 2014 The question is phrased in an interesting way … Should public funding “follow” kids … instead of … Should tax dollars be transferred to private businesses ? Yet that […]