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George Steinbrenner : RIP

Reader’s Note : RIP stands for Relatives Inherit Plenty It’s an auspicious year for Yankees owner George Steinbrenner to die—at least for his heirs. They’ll dodge massive estate taxes because the federal inheritance tax law has expired, leaving legacies largely untapped by Uncle Sam. Steinbrenner’s estate is estimated at $1.1 billion. Had he died last […]

MN-GOV : Emmer Business Advice – Cut Wages

Understanding politics is relatively easy … there are only two questions that need be asked : #1. Who is motivating this change ( i.e. what special interest is pulling the strings) ? #2. Who are the winners and losers giving consideration to consumers, businesses, workers and the government … and of course, the politician ? […]

Taxes and Red States

I want to follow up on a post by MN Central about the Arizona referendum.   Looking over a report from the Progressive States Network, it’s hard not to notice that Governor Pawlenty’s counterparts in much redder states than Minnesota have used a much different approach to budget balancing. As MN Central points out, Arizona (certainly […]

A Game with Real Consequences

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (which has a Minnesota connection as former First District Congressman Tim Penny (D) is the co-chair while former Second District Congressman David Minge (D) and former Third District Congressman Bill Frenzel (R) are members) poses an interesting question : With the public debt of the U.S. projected to […]

Minnesota Politicians Can Learn From Arizona

The 2010 legislative session can be summarized in one word – intransigent. The session started … err … the Pawlenty tenure started in 2003 with one basic theme … “Say NO to Tax Increases”. Predominately, Pawlenty will claim that he held his theme … oh, sure there were “fee” increases. If there were tax increases, […]

Pawlenty Intercepts Vikings Stadium Pass

Governor Veto has pushed one more problem onto his successor — the loss of the Minnesota Vikings. When my State Senator Julie Rosen (SD-24-Fairmont-Republican) joined forces with Tom Bakk (SD-06-Cook-DFL) to offer the SF 3399 and in the House State Morrie Lanning (9A-Moorhead-Republican) and Loren Solberg (3B–Grand Rapids-DFL) offered HF 3825, the thought was there […]