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MN06 Emmer Pushes Commemorative Coins and Medals Over Veterans Healthcare

.@RepTomEmmer can we count on your support for HR 2519 @AmericanLegion 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Act? pic.twitter.com/qyWRMPRKcK — American Legion DC (@LegioninDC) June 27, 2017 I am glad to cosponsor and support HR 2519! https://t.co/4ElWz79LST — Tom Emmer (@RepTomEmmer) June 27, 2017 Surprised that Minnesota’s Sixth District Congressman Tom Emmer would support a commemorative coin […]

MN02 Jason Lewis Paid $3,346.15 ~ Attends Trump Inauguration Ceremonies

Your tax dollars at work. The Vikings' stadium reportedly $50 million over budget. Boy, didn't see that one coming… pic.twitter.com/72tZ1BNiqO — Jason Lewis (@Jason2CD) July 23, 2015 Speaking of Your tax dollars at work, last week was another costly week for the taxpayers wondering when the Republican-controlled Congress would start holding hearings and moving legislation. […]

John Kline : “Don’t Ask, Won’t Tell” Vote Denies Vets an Honest Conversation

The Question : When it is available to non-veterans in states that legalized it for medical use, should veterans be denied access to marijuana information and possible use ? The Debate : As Republicans, we supposedly believe in the doctor-patient relationship, but apparently, some of my colleagues believe that that relationship is not relevant when […]

MN06 Tom Emmer : Caging and Debt

Brett Neely had an interesting profile of Minnesota’s Sixth District Congressman Tom Emmer … As a conservative talk radio host in the Twin Cities, Emmer didn’t pull any punches when talking about Democrats. “They’re destroying wealth in the United States of America because they hate wealthy people unless they’re paying for their campaigns,” he said […]

Republicans Exposing Themselves

What do Republicans value?  Big money, but only for some people. 6/16/2010, 6/18/2010: While a slew of fishermen and families struggle just to make ends meet, Michele Bachmann stands up for BP, and Joe Barton apologizes to BP. 2010: Claiming to be fiscally responsible, Republican governor Tim Pawlenty suggests borrowing against Minnesota schools, and delays […]