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GOP House Budget Rejects Amendment To Restore VA Funding

The 114th Congress gaveled into session with 58 new Members — 43 Republicans and 15 Democrats — all with the idea of representing their constituents. Sadly, thus far, we have seen that some believe their constituents are their respective Party Managers … be it, Corporate Republican, TaxedEnoughAlready Conservative or Democrat. For the Republicans, the Party […]


Pillars Crumble : Kline Votes to Cut Military Pensions, Pay and For SIX New Parks

Anyone remember John Kline’s obsession with “earmarks” ? How about the “Pillars of a New Majority” ? How about “reading bills” before voting ? How about a commitment to our military, including pay, retirement programs, TRICARE benefits, commissary benefits, and housing allowances ? Four years ago, the Republican Congress through its “Pillars of a New […]


Kline Silent as Boehner Denies VA Funding Outraging VFW

On Monday, delegates attending the VFW’s 115th National Convention unanimously passed resolution 632 that calls on Congress to immediately pass a compromise bill that would provide necessary resources, reduce appointment waiting times, and provide veterans timely access to quality VA health care they have earned and deserve. “Pass a bill or don’t come back from […]


John Kline Priorities ? $40,000 For Violins While Vets Get Booted From Group Homes

The Roundtable has praised Betty McCollum (and chastised John Kline) for her initiatives to control wasteful HASC spending … for example, from February 2011, the spending on military bands Betty McCollum (D-MN-04) wants to curtail military band funding. According to MPR, McCollum also introduced an amendment to limit spending to $200 million per year on […]


Kline Opposes Gainful Employment But What Are the Job Prospects For a Customer Loyalty Degree ?

Before heading out for his taxpayer-funded trip to Guam and Vietnam, Chairman John Kline sent a letter to the House Appropriations Committee, asking its members to insert language to deny funding the Department of Education from finalizing the new “Gainful Employment” rules. The Education Department’s proposed new “gainful employment” rules by requiring institutions to tell […]


Kline Says Removing VA Secretary Would Not Resolve the Problem – But He Would Fire General Shinseki

The massacre of 20 students and six teachers at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, CT on December 14, 2012 created an opportunity for Congress to take action on mental health, background checks, and a number of other ideas. Chairman John Kline (R-MN-02) advocated for an in-depth analysis of the Newtown situation … warning […]