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House Republicans Reject Housing Support for Homeless Veterans While Promoting Armed Forces Day

According to Republicans, they are looking out for veterans … Today marks #ArmedForcesDay. We honor those who answered the call to defend our great nation—today & everyday. pic.twitter.com/CI6x3XRW8G — Kevin McCarthy (@GOPLeader) May 16, 2015 And Monday, they took action Honoring the Armed Forces, House passes six #vets bills: http://t.co/bKQ8wVUIP9 — Kevin McCarthy (@GOPLeader) May […]


Who to believe : VFW, American Legion or John Kline ?

The Selling of Chairman John Kline is based on a simple spin — he doesn’t follow Washington orders, he works across the aisle for commonsense solutions with a primary mission of protecting veterans (and children). Spin. And John Kline’s May 1st press release has spin … John Kline Supports Bipartisan Legislation to Ensure Veterans Receive […]


John Kline : “Don’t Ask, Won’t Tell” Vote Denies Vets an Honest Conversation

The Question : When it is available to non-veterans in states that legalized it for medical use, should veterans be denied access to marijuana information and possible use ? The Debate : As Republicans, we supposedly believe in the doctor-patient relationship, but apparently, some of my colleagues believe that that relationship is not relevant when […]


GOP House Budget Rejects Amendment To Restore VA Funding

The 114th Congress gaveled into session with 58 new Members — 43 Republicans and 15 Democrats — all with the idea of representing their constituents. Sadly, thus far, we have seen that some believe their constituents are their respective Party Managers … be it, Corporate Republican, TaxedEnoughAlready Conservative or Democrat. For the Republicans, the Party […]