Is Racism the reason Reps. Fischbach and Hagedorn opposed the EQUAL Act ?

Remember Minnesota’s Second District Congressman Jason Lewis complaining over the size and associated costs of the federal criminal code and prison system ? “Criminal justice reform is one of my absolute priorities”, said Congressman Lewis in a November 7, 2017 press release. Adding, “There are better ways to spend Americans’ tax dollars and keep our […]

Pete Stauber Congressional Office Spending Spree (UP $372,000)

Surely, Minnesota’s Eight District constituents have heard “Representative” Pete Stauber complaints about spending … “President Biden and Speaker Pelosi’s out of control spending sprees have resulted in 41-year high inflation, and Americans are struggling to put food on the table, fill up their gas tanks and pay for other necessary goods. Democrats are on an […]

Pete Stauber has TV Eyes (paid for by MN08 constituents)

Wanna bet that there are some folks living in Minnesota’s Eighth District that this morning said to their kids, “Please turn the furnace off … it’s ran long enough for today …. we can’t afford it” ? Yep … let’s hearken back to the days of former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty State of the State […]

Finstad Focus : January Legislative Accomplishments

Congressman Brad Finstad has stated that his goal is to “deliver real results for a richer, safer and freer Minnesota and America” knowing that his votes “will impact you and your families”, so let’s look at the legislation that he has authored, sponsored and voted on …. starting with January 2023. The start of the […]

Dec 27 2022 Finstad Focus : Hezbollah must be pleased

Not sure if every constituent of Minnesota’s First District has signed up for Brad Finstad’s weekly update, but they provide a great insight into his views of the issues. Take for example, Congressman Finstad’s December 27 edition in which he explained his opposition to the bipartisan Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023. Congressman Finstad ignores that […]

What is the job for MN08 Pete Stauber’s consultants ? (Get money? awards?)

Remember when Donald Trump would praise his nominees as being “right out of central casting” ? Think back to 2018 when the Party of Trump was looking for a candidate to be Minnesota’s Eighth District Representative …. what would be the “casting call” ? Athletic, military service, small business owner, maintain a conventional family and […]

In first votes, MN01 Brad Finstad embraces MAGA 

There was some angst in some sectors of the Party Of Trump that Brad Finstad was not “Trumpian” enough resulting in a Special Election Primary that was extremely close… well, those concerns can be laid to rest based on Congressman Finstad’s votes during his first full week in Congress. All ya gotta do is check […]

MN01 Brad Finstad following Jim Hagedorn’s questionable ethics pattern

Jim Hagedorn’s death could have meant the end of the House Ethics Committee investigation into whether he had allowed the use of official funds for impermissible expenditures … but the Committee has not announced its conclusion yet. Now questions are already being asked about Hagedorn’s replacement — Brad Finstad. There were numerous issues for the […]