Annual Blogger of the Year Award

Update: 4/3/2010  We’re now voting over here (until 4/9/2010).

Many Minnesotan bloggers work hard and never ask for much in return.  We’d like to start a new tradition, which is a poll about Minnesota’s best bloggers!

We’ll allow you to pick one top blogger, but we’ll honor the top three bloggers by sending them a certificate signed by our editor.

Right now we’re talking nominations, so please leave them in the comments section.  And yes, this is a non-partisan event.

We’ll do radio button style voting, and the vote will begin Friday, April 2 and end Friday, April 9th, 2010. So after you nominate someone, be sure to come back and vote!

Poll:  In your opinion, who is Minnesota’s best blogger?

Right now we have two nominations:

==>Eric Pusey, MPP
==>Joe Bodell, MPP
==>Two Putt Tommy, MPP
==>Tim Pugmire, Polinaut
==>Spot, the Cucking Stool
==>MNObserver, the Cucking Stool
==>Dave Mindeman, mnpACT
==>Ed Kohler, The Deets
==>Neal Kielar, Agency Babylon
==>Jessica Pieklo, Hegemommy
==>PZ Myers, Pharyngula
==>Bob Collins, News Cut
==>Robert Erickson, Columbus Go Home

Update 5:39 pm, 3/24/2010:  you can also e-mail Holly Cairns your nominations.  Thanks!

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