Vote: Annual Minnesota Blogger of the Year Award

It’s time for readers and peers to vote for Minnesota’s Blogger of the Year!

On March 24th we asked for nominations, and now no further nominations are being accepted. We feel being nominated was quite an honor and congratulations if you were nominated!.  We’ll send out certificates to all who were nominated, but only three will say “Minnesota Blogger of the Year.”

So, once again, we plan to award the top three winners.  But you’ll only vote for one.

Voting will close April 9th, 2010, at 2:00 pm. Please vote for only one blogger:

Update added 4/6/2010 at 8:57am:  Apparently several of you wished Norwegianity’s Mark Gisleson had been nominated in time.  We’ll have to include him next year.  Also, here’s the blogs that go with the blogger (although some of them write for many blogs):

==>Eric Pusey, MPP
==>Joe Bodell, MPP
==>Two Putt Tommy, MPP
==>Tim Pugmire, Polinaut
==>Spot, the Cucking Stool
==>MNObserver, the Cucking Stool
==>Dave Mindeman, mnpACT
==>Ed Kohler, The Deets
==>Neal Kielar, Agency Babylon
==>Jessica Pieklo, Hegemommy
==>PZ Myers, Pharyngula
==>Bob Collins, News Cut
==>Robert Erickson, Columbus Go Home

Please vote for one Minnesota Blogger of the Year

  • PZ Myers (4,631 Votes)
  • Robert Erickson (296 Votes)
  • Neal Kielar (81 Votes)
  • Ed Kohler (63 Votes)
  • Jessica Pieklo (23 Votes)
  • Bob Collins (17 Votes)
  • Spot (11 Votes)
  • Two Putt Tommy (6 Votes)
  • Dave Mindeman (5 Votes)
  • Joe Bodell (5 Votes)
  • MNObserver (4 Votes)
  • Eric Pusey (4 Votes)
  • Tim Pugmire (3 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,146

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