Grass Root Movement has Remembrance to Paul Wellstone.

On Saturday, I reached out to one of my DFL contacts and he helped me obtain three VIP tickets so that I would be close to the action at the “GOTV For A Better Minnesota Rally”, with my friends Alex and Nate Kado. We went out and volunteered, at the Wright Building Saturday morning, in St. Paul.

When we arrived, Sen. Amy Klobuchar began a speech, to pump up the volunteers in the attendance. Sen. Klobuchar was filled with energy and that energy was transparent in her charged Willstonian delivery of continuing the “…revolution.”

Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Sen. Klobuchar stated that a grass roots movement is exactly what will help the DFL win on November 2nd, all the way down the ticket. Sen. Klobuchar believes that this will also keep the momentum going for the next presidential election in 2-years.

Inside the Wright Building, DFLers were dialing constituents within the city of St. Paul. Anna Devitt, from St. Paul, stated that she admired the Dayton family for all the public services they provided for the middle class. “The Dayton department story helped establish the middle class and laid the foundation for community giving. I believe that they were one of the first companies to do that in America.”

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