Is education Pres. Bruininks #1 priority? OR artificial glory?

I have been seeing stories reported in the news that have raised some questions about what direction Pres. Bruininks is taking the U of MN in.

Everything starts and finishes with the Gopher football stadium, which was partially funded by the school (state of Minnesota) and TCF Bank. It seems like Pres. Bruininks wanted “bringing football back to campus” to define his presidency. I think that it will cause it to go up in smoke, it is only a matter of time before the school can’t afford it anymore.

Now, Pres. Bruininks is scrambling to raise funds so that the school can keep the stadium operational. It’s pretty sad that it has come to this, because at the end of the day TCF wants & will get its money. Check out the DEAL that was worked out and see if you think its far. The way that it looks to me, is that TCF has the upper hand. When a bank issues a line of credit, it has insurance on that line of credit. If the loan every goes bad, the bank will get it’s money from the insurance policy, and the lender will still have to pay back the amount owed or give up other assets.

Here are a few different series of events that have been taking place at the U of MN under Pres. Bruininks.

1.) Relying on high tuition.
2.) Departments have been consolidated.
3.) A number of instructors & classes have been terminated.
4.) Buildings have been demolished to cut down on maintenance and utility costs.
5.) Cutting of in state aid.

What is Pres. Bruininks trying to accomplish by making all these cuts? Why doesn’t he cut his own salary and other high paid officials at the school? That way they won’t have to raise tuition, cut classes, cut teachers, cut staff, cut departments, cut down buildings, and cut research.

Pretty soon all that will be left is empty class rooms and empty buildings. I guess the state and it’s tax payers will have to come save the day. It’s funny how Pres. Bruininks is stepping down but will remain with/in the bureaucracy of the university. I think it would be better if he just left all together. Why doesn’t he give up his position so that others can keep jobs? What do you think about that Pres. Bruininks? Can we get an answer? Please, lets talk?

Check this out, Pres. Bruininks says that the new norm is a post secondary education. He makes reverence to the G.I. Bill and says that has been important with allowing Americans to gain access to education. What about the student loan & health reform that Pres. Obama passed? Then Pres. Bruininks makes reference to the Federal Reserve. The <a href=>Federal Reserve is a private bank and is worthless. I think I have figured out what it is up with Pres. Bruininks, let me know if your on the same page as me by leaving a comment. I think we are thinking the same thing, but lets make sure.

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