If Putin Were President

by Alan Anderson

Vladimir Putin and Russia interfered with US elections. They wanted to do damage to the United States and weaken the country. So, if Mr. Putin were actually the one elected, what would he have done in office. Clearly everything would have been focused on destruction of the US and strengthening of Russia on the world stage.

So, what would he have done? First he would have wanted to damage US relations with the world. He would have undermined our relationship with NATO and other allies by insulting leaders and withdrawing from agreements. He would have insulted people like the leaders of Canada and Mexico and other long time friends, like the leader of Australia. He would have withdrawn the US from important foreign treaties and agreements, like removing the US from the Paris Climate agreement, withdrawn the US from the Iran Nuclear Agreement, and cancelled economic programs like NAFTA and imposed tariffs on international trade with Europe, China, and even Canada and Mexico.

He would have acted in ways to strengthen Russia’s role in the world economy by insulting African nations so they would seek to trade more with Russia, China, and other US adversaries. He would have placed people in his cabinet who were clearly for expansion of oil and gas interests so they would expand opportunities for Russia and the US to collaborate on some joint oil explorations in the Artic. He would have done things to anger the entire Arab world, like move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, so they would be less inclined to want to help the US with world oil trade.

He would have promoted international policies that would have strengthened Russian positions around the world. He would have removed US troops from Syria and Afghanistan so as to strengthen Russia’s role and weaken the US influence in that region of the world. He would have destabilized the Syrian region so as to interfere with the role Turkey and Iran could/would play in addressing the challenges of refugees and military conflict.

He would have done things to promote conflict and discord among the American people so the country would become more unstable and more concerned with internal matters rather than international issues. He would focus on one group, such as immigrants coming from Central America, and make immigration and immigrants a source and cause for America’s problems. Learning from Hitler and the hatred of the Jews in the 1930s, he would work to make immigrants the major source of problems for the US, emphasizing how illegal immigrants kill Americans and bring drugs and disease into the country. He would develop a program and policy to build a wall on the southern border to keep these “killers and drug dealers” out of the country. He would even shut down the entire US government over this issue and promote discord by creating economic havoc over a long time disruption of governmental operations.

And he would lay the seeds for long term social unrest and civil conflict by emboldening hatred fringe groups to undermine the entire social system. He would embrace Nazis and white supremacists to encourage killing and burnings of Jews, Muslims, and non-whites. Hate crimes would hopefully rise under his leadership. He would work to pass tax laws that gave more money and power to the few rich elites and weaken the entire middle and lower classes. He would also encourage politicians to enact rules and policies to oppress voting rights of minorities and poor people so they would have less power in the political arena. He would appoint extremists to the Supreme Court to role back social progress for minorities and women and increase the power of the ruling elite.

And what would happen if Donald Trump were actually elected instead of Putin. What would he do as president? The answer….see above.

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