State of the Union: Trump Endorses Democrats?

Donald Trump gave his State of the Union address this week. He said many things. But what was most striking was his denunciation of Republicans and his praise for Democrats. He has perhaps joined the likes of conservative commentator George Will in suggesting that Americans abandoned the Republican Party and support Democratic candidates in future elections.

Here is what he said. He lamented that NAFTA was a “catastrophe” of economic policy. It was one of the worst efforts in modern history. Since NAFTA was first proposed by Ronald Reagan in 1988 and developed by President George H.W. Bush in the early 1990s it was clearly a Republican initiative. Bush tried to get it passed, but ran out of time, so he handed it off to President Clinton. Clinton supported the idea behind NAFTA, but actually didn’t sign it. In fact it was passed by Congress, with 132 Republicans voting for it in the House (with 102 Dems also voting for it), but had 200 no votes, almost all from Democrats. It passed the Senate 61 to 38 with 34 Republicans and 27 Democrats supporting it and almost all of the no votes coming from Democrats. Actually more Democratic members of Congress voted against it than supported it. So, it was clearly a Republican piece of legislation. And Trump said it was a catastrophe!

He also noted that the worst policy decision involved the invasion of Iraq. That of course was a war started by President George W. Bush in 2002, based on lies he made about Iraq developing nuclear weapons (which was disproven in subsequent years). So the disaster that was the Iraq war was a Republican led event.

And Trumps praise for the increase in women in Congress was a direct endorsement of the gains made by Democrats in the 2018 election. He obviously thought the gains by Democratic women was notable, since there are 87 women in the house, of whom 64 are Democrats and 23 are Republican. So, I guess Trump likes the fact that there are more Democratic women in Congress. Great endorsement.

Criticizing Republican presidents and congress for passing horrible legislation and complimenting Democrats for making gains in women representation should be a sign that President Trump is supporting Democrats in government.

Wow…that is a nice bipartisan sign. Kind of.

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