President Trump Has A Very High IQ

There is little doubt. Listen to the words of President Trump. Watch his actions. It is clear that he has a high IQ.

Mr. Trump, even though he refused to serve his country, dodged the draft, and failed to join the military, said that he knew more about war than the military generals. Despite opposition from almost all of the business community and the Chambers of Commerce, he said his tariffs against China, NATO, and other countries would be a great benefit to our trade policies and result in improved economic outcomes. Despite the fact that most experts on immigration have stated that illegal crossings are at a relatively low point and that most illegal drugs come through ports of entry, Mr. Trump has declared a national emergency on immigration and will move ahead to divert money from the Defense Department to pay for a protective wall on our southern border. Even though he had claimed for a long time that Mexico would pay for the wall, he has said the increased tariffs and other economic sanctions will make Mexico pay for the wall indirectly.

He has done other things to demonstrate his high IQ. He has claimed that global warming is a hoax and therefore removed the US from the Paris Climate agreement. He has withdrawn the US from the Iran Nuclear Weapons agreement, even though most people in the US and throughout Europe and other ally countries have claimed it was working. He has removed the US from the Russia nuclear weapons agreement, reinstituting an arms race. He plans to invest much more money in military weapons to protect the country, even though most experts think this is the wrong policy. He plans to cut funds for diplomacy and the State Department, making the US less able to negotiate with other countries and seek peaceful solutions to international problems.

He continues to use Twitter as a weapon against his foes, accusing many who oppose his policies and programs as being stupid and having “low IQs.” He demonstrates his personal strength by insulting people and places in the US and around the world. He continues his assault on past presidential candidate and senator, John McCain, claiming he was not a real war hero because he was “captured.” He has called political leaders weak (including his processor, President Obama) and managed to insult all of Africa by referring to them as “shithole counties.” He continues to praise other national leaders, like Kim Jong-un from North Korea and President Duterte from the Philippines as good people and good leaders, even though they have been accused of killing adversaries and many people in their own country. And, of course, he praises Russian President Vladimir Putin as a great leader, stronger and better than our past president, Mr. Obama.

All of these pronouncements and actions should be proof positive that Mr. Trump has an extremely high IQ. Of course IQ stands for the obvious…..Idiot Quotient. Perhaps no president in modern history has said or done more idiotic things than Mr. Trump over the past few years.
This high IQ was noted by respected Republicans, like former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who told America that candidate Donald Trump was “unhinged and unfit for the presidency.” Conservative columnist George Will, who left the Republican Party because of Trump’s nomination, has continued to counsel Republicans to vote Democratic and undermine a party that no-longer represents the values and ideals of its Republican predecessors. Trump’s takeover, according to Will, has been a disaster and has been worsened by the subservience of current legislators, like Mitch McConnell, who refuse to take stands that are opposed to President Trump.

So, it is clear that Donald Trump will go down in history as having one of the highest IQs among modern presidents. No one can claim more idiotic actions and pronouncements than our current president. And it is likely no one, past or future, will ever come close to having the personality disorder that causes him to be delusional and simply disgusting. He will ultimately get his wish as being the greatest…..yes the greatest idiot every to hold the presidency.