Focus On Winning Policy First – Then Tackle the Grievances

by Dave Mindeman

Democrats have grievances. Lots of grievances. But solving grievances takes time and strategic planning.
While abolishing the electoral college, abolishing ICE, or stacking the Supreme Court are good for applause lines in a friendly crowd, there is little chance those positions can ever be actual law or US policy or be a focus on getting a majority vote coalition.
Especially when Democrats are in the minority in the Senate.
So maybe it would be more helpful if we stuck to policy ideas that we can really do something about. Like sensible gun laws or middle class tax fairness or the environment. These are winning issues for Democrats and the more specific they can be on real, legislative ideas, the better it will be for electoral success.
Yeah, we are angry at how the Republicans have blocked and cheated their way into a lot of legal strangleholds. But a strategic plan is the real solution, not pie in the sky wishlists.
Democrats can get the people behind them on a number of issues. We know this. So let’s not get distracted by big, desirable things that will take more time and several more cycles to achieve. And which could stall a winning campaign.
Practical aspects for the here and now are holding the House. Taking back the Senate. Defeating Donald Trump at the ballot box. And then taking on these policy issues from a position of strength. Democratic strategy needs to be more along that chronological order rather than jumping ahead to things that will require Constitutional amendments and persuading state legislative support along with it.
We have a progression that needs to be maintained. It is fine for Democrats to talk about aspirational goals, but have down to earth, nuts and bolts ideas as well. Soaring rhetoric is good and needed, but explanations of sound policy ideas have to be there as well.
Next year is critical. Focus on the end game.

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