A One Sentence Take on the Candidates in Dem Field

We have a long way to go and I have no real preference yet….but here is a one sentence description on what appears so far for these candidates……

Joe Biden – old reliable on policy and gaffes.

Bernie Sanders – still has a minority voter problem.

Beto O’Rourke – early buzz but not sure of sustainability

Kamala Harris – checks all the right boxes but prosecutor past needs explaining.

Pete Buttigieg – Young, charismatic, smart – what’s not to like? But early.

Elizabeth Warren – articulate on policy and has well defined ideas

Cory Booker – charismatic, good communicator; pharma a drag

Amy Klobuchar – needs something to ignite…fading.

Julian Castro – Very likable; good take on immigration.

Andrew Yang – Guaranteed income is noble idea, but is it the right time?

Kirsten Gillibrand – Reformed conservative; Franken baggage.

John Hickenlooper – Hard to find a place he fits.

Jay Inslee – Climate change champion; but will need more.

John Delaney – Will not survive this kind of field.

Tulsi Gabbard – NO

Eric Swalwell – Can make the case against Trump; but again he doesn’t stand out in the field….yet.

Tim Ryan – Being from Ohio a positive; solid labor credentials; but hard to stay afloat.

Seth Moulton – led rebellion against Pelosi; that does not bode well.

Maryann Williamson – Call for reparations; but no election credentials.

Wayne Messam – Florida mayor; but really, who?

It’s early. And one sentence for this many people is all I can spare right now.

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