An Open Letter To The Anti-Choice Community

Yeah, I want to talk to you pro-lifers. Yeah, you the self righteous hypocrites who are looking out for the unborn. The sanctity of life people. You know who you are.

More than once you have told me how believing in the right to choose in regards to abortion is going to send me to hell. I’m a murderer by proxy. God is very disappointed in me.

Well, I need you to explain something to me. You, who believe that God sent Donald Trump to be your right hand of God.

If all life is precious and a gift from God, then why does there seem to be an exception for brown people who are not citizens of the United States. Why is it OK for infants and toddlers to live in squalor, here in the United States of America? How does that become acceptable? An unborn fetus is precious, but a 3 or 5 year old Guatemalan Child is scum? Where is that written?

The next time I hear one of you condemn me for wanting to stay out of a devastating family decision that is none of my business, I want you to explain to me how you derive the different values for those children at the border. Why do they not count in your precious children protections?

Your silence sickens me. Your tolerance of such a violation of humanity disgusts me. These Central American victims have come running to America hoping to find a new way of life – to look for the promise of hope that America is supposed to be….but they came to a nightmare. Their children are abducted from them….many of those children have already died, although the parents may not even know it yet. That is what America, in my name and yours, had done to these victims of cruelty at home and now even worse in their idea of a new life.

I blame you. All of you in the false, self-righteous pro-life community. You are all guilty. You have failed in every standard of your own beliefs. You cause children to die – you cause adults from another land to be rejected – you do not come to visit your fellow Christians (and many of them are Christians) in prisons – they are hungry and you do not feed them – they thirst and you are not permitted or want to give them drink. Why do you ignore your Lord and Savior’s command?

I condemn you especially because your chosen “king” has caused all of this to happen. The righteous Donald Trump has decreed that these tortured and desperate people are not worthy of this country. That for whatever dubious reason he conjures up, the brown skinned people are not welcome in the now restricted American melting pot.

You, pro-life, God fearing (in theory) individuals could stop this. Trump would supposedly listen to you if you had any moral outrage for your fellow man. But you don’t, do you. No, you are busy condemning abortion access. You are punishing women for choices they legally can make. But you stand obstinate in the face of legal asylum requests.

I will no longer listen to your “moral” outrage. You have failed in the most basic morality of your fellow man. If you cannot be faithful to the command of “love your neighbor” then you are no better than the guards who let infants and children live in filth and terror.

Do not lecture me any more. Never.

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