We Shouldn’t Be Here But We Are

It is amazing where we are right now. It shouldn’t be this way.

We shouldn’t have to have a Constitutional amendment to declare equal rights for women, but we do.

We should never have kids in cages, separated from their parents, but we do.

Our government should not be hiding climate data, but it does.

Our laws should not be subject to 5 members of the Supreme Court, but it is.

The cost of higher ed should not be prohibitively high, but it is.

The wealth disparity in this country should not be getting larger, but it is.

Tax cuts should not uniquely beneficial to the wealthy, but it is.

A Democracy should not be run by a minority party, but ours is.

We should not have a President who got 3 million less votes than his opponent, but we do.

We should have a Senate that votes on bills passed by the House, but we don’t.

We should have cabinet members that do not profit from their position, but we do.

The quality of our air and water should not be reversing, but it is.

Our allies should never have to worry about our resolve to help them, but they do worry.

We should never be embracing despots, but we are.

College graduates should be able  make a living without being saddled with all consuming debt, but they can’t.

Diversity should be embraced, but it isn’t.

Our census should not be a political weapon, but it is.

The simple act of voting should not be difficult, but it is.

And we should not have a President who constantly lies, but we do.

Incredibly, that is where we are at right now.

It should not be, but it is.

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