It’s Different Now

There have been a lot of changes these past 2 years. Many, many changes.

It used to be an honor to go to the White House for sports teams.

A subpoena used to mean something.

Congress used to have oversight power.

The census used to be just a count of our citizens.

Our European allies used to trust us.

Cabinet members used to go through a vetting process.

Free trade used to be a tariff free zone.

Asylum seekers used to get a hearing.

We used to be able to count on our President to not be a sexual assaulter.

America used to have free and fair elections.

Republicans used to be the fiscally conservative party.

Our military never used to be a bargaining chip.

The press used to be able to count on the respect of the First Amendment.

Our President never used to insult people.

The Hatch Act used to be a law that was followed.

Executive Privilege used to be used only rarely.

The Senate used to work.

White Supremacists used to be relegated to basements.

Diversity used to be encouraged.

But it is all different now. In a few short years the above statement have little meaning in Trump’s America.

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