The Followers of Trump

There must be around 35% of this nation that are just fine with racism. That accept a foul mouth, child abusing, and violence against women, President. There must be roughly a third of this country that do not care about people in need. About the people who flee a dangerous situation. And about our very reputation as a free society.

There must be 30 to 35% of this country who are satisfied with corruption in government. That accepts a President who cannot get basic facts about our history correct. A President that attacks and insults people for the horrible crime of disagreeing with him.

The people who support this President must be Americans. Americans who fear a different skin color. A different sexual orientation. Fearing people who need financial help. People who need shelter. They fear people who seek to flee horrible conditions and find shelter in the storm.

It would seem that these are actual Americans. Americans that Donald Trump depends upon to maintain his racist lies and disgusting insults. These are Christians. Christians who are willing to look the other way when Trump denigrates another religion. When he stokes fear about people who are simply different. When he degrades the dignity of human beings. These are, in theory, patriotic Americans. Americans willing to spit on the Statue of Liberty. To allow veterans to be homeless. Who support Trump’s warped sense of the Constitution rather than what the Founders espoused.

We no longer live in the America that seeks a more perfect union. That believes in equality and diversity. That wants to be a beacon to the world and an ally for democracy. We have lost that America because we have a President who gives voice to the worst in us. That gives credibility to the darkest emotions we normally resist.

It sickens me to see this country fall deeper and deeper into despair and fear, with a solid 30% firmly OK with that. Yes, encouraging it and even worshiping it.

It saddens me to watch people run and hide from law enforcement who seem to have lost track of the idea, “to protect and serve”.

It shatters me to see the loss of an independent judiciary. A Senate that is content to do nothing and block everything. And a President that seems to believe that this country can be run by executive edict.

The number of Americans willing to accept this is still stunning to me. I do not know this America and I actually fear for this America.

Trump could never in a million years do these things without the enablement of this portion of our country.

What happens from this point on is on you -that third of America who decide that this is all OK. It will depend on how much you are willing to listen to your conscience. How much you care about your children’s future – or lack of it.

Examine yourselves. Educate yourselves. Implement the Golden rule.


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