MLK: Make Living Kind

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Day, in memory of the great civil rights leader, we should do more than remember, we should act. Dr. King’s message was devoted to non-violent action to make the world a better place and to improve the rights and lives of all Americans, especially those who suffer from poverty, from persecution, and from inequality of wealth and opportunity. His message was similar to Jesus….devote your life to service, helping the poor and the oppressed to have lives of quality and decency…just like wealthy people in the world. He told us that “everyone can be great because everyone can serve.”

Thus, his message was simple: be kind to others, help serve others, and work toward a better world. So on this day remember to be MLK…..make living kind. If we were all kind to one another we could all work together to make the world a better place. Everyone could eat, everyone could have healthcare, everyone could have shelter, and everyone would have a decent chance at life.

Unfortunately, people like King and Jesus suffered the same fate….they were killed for sharing their ideas. Those who savor power and privilege, who have no problem hurting and killing others who share a message of love and kindness toward all, are the ones threatened by the likes of MLK and Jesus.

On this day of remembrance, let’s act to remind the world that love and kindness are values to be honored and treasured. As MLK shared his message with us all, let love and kindness prevail.

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