Reality in the Future

Now that the Republicans have held their convention, they made it clear what they think the future holds. Mr. Trump was direct, saying electing Joe Biden would destroy the country and leave us ruled by socialist radicals, be unsafe in our neighborhoods, would defund the police, and simply destroy the American economy. He did include a few untruths in his comments, like about how great he’s done with the pandemic and how many jobs he’s added (while failing to mention the millions more who have lost their jobs).
So, we should ask what would the world be like if Mr. Trump gets re-elected for four more years. Here are a few of the wonderful projections.

First, he and his Senate would appoint one or two more Supreme Court justices, ensuring a conservative majority for decades to come. As a result, Roe V. Wade would be overturned, voter suppression and gerrymandering would be pursued and expanded, and Democrats would have a difficult time winning any elections for the next several decades.

Second, with a court majority, he would ensure that the ACA was removed, that health care for millions of Americans would be eliminated, and protections for “pre-existing conditions” would be gone.

Third, his proposed tax cuts would eliminate future funding for social security, so, it too would be destroyed. Seniors would be encouraged to go back to work….but only until they turned 85, or died.

Fourth, he would ensure that “school choice” would be the dominant educational model and strategy, thus seeking to privatize public education. He would seek to defund public higher education institutions, not wanting to have subsidized competition to Trump University.

He would similarly privatize the postal service, so all Americans could pay the high rates of FedEx and UPS. In fact, every public service would be privatized, from the Veterans Affairs units to the local police departments. He would impose the ultimate Republican dream….no more government services….only things controlled by private companies like The Trump Organization.

The role and power of the presidency would be expanded so the president could only serve until he reached 90 years old (no matter when he started). This would ensure a smooth succession of power, and could be passed on to important presidential advisors (assuming they were related to the president in some fashion).

Lastly, in 2018 there were 9 Neo Nazi’s/White Supremacists running as Republicans for elected office. They were often Holocaust deniers who believed Jews are taking over the world. They believe we need to make sure white people lead our country in the future (even though the majority of people in several states are people of color). And they all were strong supporter of Mr. Trump. Remember in Charlottesville, he claimed during the conflict between civil rights protesters and White Nationalists that there “were good people on both sides.” He has been endorsed this year by the likes of former Grand Wizard David Duke, leader of the Ku Klux Klan. So, with Trump as president, the divisions in our country will grow and lead to much civil unrest.

As Trump said, this election is the most important in modern times. He is right…his reelection will erase the past 4 decades of social and civil rights progress. It will erase a society that is based on Judeo-Christian principles with a country that is fascist, racist, sexist, and autocratic. Hopefully, Americans will reject this hate and choose a kinder, more caring future for the United States….and the world.

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