MN01 Jim Hagedorn : a “Patriot” is a friend regardless of his actions

Consider yourself a small business owner heading home on a late Monday afternoon, driving on a divided major state highway, would you expect to be involved in a fatal crash ?

Who would you expect to get called a “Patriot” by a Member of Congress ?

Minnesota’s First District Congressman Jim Hagedorn response may surprise you … he did not send a public message to the injured innocent driver … but to the driver who caused the crash.

According to a crash report, a Ford pickup and Toyota Sienna were both southbound on Highway 169 when the vehicles collided. Both the NCSO (Nicollet County Sheriff Office) and St Peter Fire were called out. The driver of the Ford pickup, a 67 year old man was taken to a Mankato hospital while the driver of the Sienna was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. It was 4:25 in the afternoon and the driver was NOT wearing a seat belt … and alcohol was detected in his system.

On the Hagedorn For Congress FACEBOOK page, is a post :

Randall Thom was a larger than life person who lived life to the fullest. Randall loved America, Donald J. Trump and was always so very kind to me. We will forever miss our friend and Patriot!

WOW ! No mention of the other driver … a small business owner … who was hospitalized.

But a shout out to a man “who lived life to the fullest” and “was always to very kind to” Jim Hagedorn ! WOW !

Gosh, think about that … please ignore that someone was injured … and potentially others could have been killed, this man was a “Patriot” and a “friend” … not somebody who disregarded driving laws.

The accident occurred on the same day that Congressman Hagedorn attended the Welcome Home Arik Matson event for a Waseca police officer who was shot on duty and has been undergoing extensive rehabilitation for ten months. Once again, the Hagedorn For Congress Facebook page captured the moment

The background for those that do not know the Officer Matson story is that he, and three other members of law enforcement, responded to a complaint of a suspicious person on Waseca’s 3rd Street. During a chase thorough a house and surrounding area, Tyler Janovsky shot at one officer and then hit Officer Matson before being shot himself. According to the complaint, Janovsky had handgun and semiautomatic military-style assault weapon. Where Janovsky got the weapons has not been publicized, but Congressman Hagedorn is campaigning hard on his support for the police. Yet somehow, Congressman Hagedorn did not support the plea from Police Foundation President Jim Bueermann calling for expanded background checks for firearm purchases to help reverse an increase in gun-related injuries and deaths among officers. Yep, on Feb 28 2019, Congressman Hagedorn voted NO on H.R. 1112 Enhanced Background Checks Act which passed the House on a Bipartisan vote (only to be ignored by Mitch McConnell in the Senate.) In addition, Congressman Hagedorn is not one of the Republicans who have sponsored GOP Congresswoman Susan Brooks’ H.R.2786 Jake Laird Act of 2019 … which was authored after an Indiana policeman was killed and four other police officers were injured the line of duty. The legislation would –with due process and probable cause— enable local law enforcement to remove and retain firearms from individuals who are determined to be a danger to themselves or others. [Note : Media reports indicate that Janovsky wanted “suicide by cop“.]

There was a good size crowd at the Waseca event …. and television film footage revealed many people failing to wear a face mask … including Congressman Hagedorn.

In this time of COVID wearing a mask, should be like buckling your seat belt. Waseca County is not immune from the coronavirus … they have experienced over 900 confirmed cases that have resulted in over 30 hospitalizations and nine deaths.

Drinking and driving don’t mix … and neither do guns and criminals.

Yet, Jim Hagedorn does not promote that … all he sees is a patriot … er … sorry, that should be with a capital “P” … and he says gun legislation “will not prevent criminals from acquiring firearms or perpetrating gun violence” … even if police (and innocent people) could be injured.

Gosh, did anyone realize what his official campaign committee meant … “Friends Of Hagedorn” … yep, if you are a friend, Jim Hagedorn will back you … otherwise, you are just ignored.