Relief and Disbelief

We waited all week. Finally, the numbers indicated Mr. Biden was going to win the election. And the first woman in history will serve as vice-president. And she is a woman of color, from Jamaica and India.

While several of the margins of victory were relatively small, the overall total vote was impressive. More than 74 million votes cast for Biden…..the most ever in the history of the country.

And there was disbelief. More than 70 million Americans voted for Mr. Trump to return to office. The man who is probably responsible for thousands of deaths of Americans from the Coronavirus because he failed to warn the public of its potentially deadly impact (in March) and his refusal to model good, safe behavior by wearing a mask and practicing social distancing (causing his son, his wife, members of his staff, and himself to actually contract the virus) led to the spread and deaths of many people. It could have been avoided if he had listened and acted, but he didn’t. He thought he knew best….didn’t want to have the country panic.

His behavior has been consistent throughout his presidency. It is documented by Mary Trump, his niece who is a psychologist, by Tony Schwartz, his co-author on the Art of the Deal, and by many other people who have known him. He is a sociopath, a mental condition that affects about 3-5% of the population (according to the American Psychiatric Association). Sociopaths are highly egotistical, believe everything they say is true, can never lose, lack empathy, and are delusional. Trump has exhibited these characteristics throughout his life….and his presidency.

The latest refusal to concede the election is a demonstration of his sociopathic trait of “never losing.” He has to find a way to blame somebody or something that was corrupt or cheating to “prove he didn’t really lose.” He won’t ever admit to defeat.
What contributes to the disbelief in the election is that more than 70 million people were willing to re-elect a man who is simply unbelievable. Consider who he is:

• A man who does not believe in the sanctity of marriage: married 3 times, cheated on every wife, had an open affair with Marla Maples while married to Ivana Trump, and paid $130,000 to a porn star (Stormy Daniels) to prevent her from telling her story about their affair
• A man who has 24 women charging him with sexual assault
• A man who has admitted, on video, to liking to grab women by their private parts, kiss them at will, and basically do whatever he wishes with women “because he is famous and can get away with it.”
• A man who routinely insults world leaders, especially women; who denigrates his enemies, and worst of all, called the Pope “disgraceful.”
• A man who has called African countries “shithole countries”
• A man who continuously lies (telling more than 18,000 falsehoods or more than 22/day in office), telling Americans he would “build a wall on the Mexican border and have Mexico pay for it (when in reality Mexico refused to pay and Trump took money from the military budget to fund a portion of the wall).
• Who promised to release his taxes (which every presidential candidate in modern times has done) and failed to do so, suggesting that he has some terrible things to hide from the public (such as the fact that he paid $750 in federal income tax in 2016 and 2017 or that he has huge debt to people in Russia and other enemy states, or as his personal attorney Michael Cohen has disclosed, has fraudulent activities in his financial dealings).
• A man who has played golf more than 295 times (or approximately 22% of all the time he has been in office) at a cost the American public of more than $142 million dollars in doing so (all to Trump owned golf courses)
• Has accused Joe Biden and his son of corrupt activities, yet saying nothing about his sons’ business dealings or the fact that his daughter, Ivanka, has received more than 30 patents in China that she plans to use when he leaves office)
• And the list goes on……

It is unbelievable that the American public would support someone who is this evil, this dishonest, and this hurtful. Anyone with some moral foundation would find him and his behavior disgusting.

So, there you have it. It was a relief that the election is over and Joe Biden has won the presidency. It is in disbelief that we find almost half the voting public support a man who is perhaps one of the worst people to ever hold the office of president.

Let’s hope the future improves and Mr. Trump quietly leaves.

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