Years Apart: Same Story

In 2016 Donald Trump said the election was rigged. Even though he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes, he claimed it was rigged and fraudulent and that “3 million illegal aliens had voted” and that cost him the popular vote. While everyone knew this was crazy and untrue, he persisted in claiming he had won the election and the popular vote. He also said his 304 Electoral College votes was a “landslide.” Anyone who checked the facts discovered that many presidents won more than that in their election.

And now, 4 years later, even though it is widely accepted that he lost the popular vote by around 5-6 million votes and lost the election by the same “landslide” margin for Mr. Biden that he claimed four years ago. And, of course the reason for the loss was large scale voter fraud due to the large number of people who voted by mail/absentee (even though this year saw record turnouts of voters….and record numbers of mail-in ballots because of the Covid 19 crisis. And Mr. Trump and his wife voted by mail!!!

One thing is clear about these two elections and about Mr. Trump. He is a sociopath and believes whatever he says is true. No matter how much evidence is shown to prove he is wrong. He is a sick man….delusional about reality in the world. That is perhaps why so many Republicans abandoned the Party and voted for Mr. Biden. They knew Trump was destroying the presidency, the country, and the world. He needed to go to save our society.
So, please notice his consistency over these 4 years. His lies in 2016 are repeated again in 2020. I can only hope, with his departure, that we can return to a more sane society, governed by facts, truth, and logic, and not have to listen to a delusional idiot barrage our society with stupid and untrue comments and discussions. Thank you, Republicans who rejected the party of Trump, and hopefully helped our country to return to a more civilized state.

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