The Traitors Among Us

2020 will be remembered for many things, but on November 3rd, Minnesota elected 3 traitors to Congress. Three members who do not believe in the electoral process, the democratic process, the American process. Three people who have disregarded the will of the majority in a Presidential election while standing steadfastly by their own.

These traitors are Rep. Tom Emmer, Rep. Jim Hagedorn, and Rep. Peter Stauber.

Their names should be properly listed on the wall of shame forever.

These three signed their names to a brief to the Supreme Court asking that Court to simply overturn an election. To throw out the will of the people. And the only reason that can be derived from it is that the wrong person won the Presidency.

I am ashamed to know that I live in the same state as these three vipers. These people who proclaim to believe and support the Constitution only to desecrate it when following their autocratic leader.

The US Democracy is not guaranteed. It requires faithfulness to its principles and its process. Only those who believe in one party rule and one party power can undermine this strong beacon of light to the world. And Messrs. Emmer, Hagedorn, and Stauber have done just that.

Fortunately, the Supreme Court rejected this travesty of a petition establishing a dictator was soundly rejected. Even by the very Justices that the dictator appointed to this Court.

In 2020, this Constitution and this democracy was given the ultimate stress test. An autocrat tried to seize power. And his enablers failed.

In the banana republics which we attempted to emulate in this power struggle, the failed coup would exile and banish the participants. We, in this country, do not do that. We live with our opposition. Even an opposition determined to destroy us.

So Emmer, Hagedorn, and Stauber, the traitors among us will get to go back to Washington. They will proceed as if nothing unusual has happened. They will participate in this beloved democracy regardless of the treasonous actions they have just perpetrated.

All we can do now is remember this moment. To let the democratic process do a course correction. In the next election, if there is true justice, these traitors will finally find the exile they deserve.

They will not be executed. They will not be imprisoned. They will just be defeated by that same will of the people they tried to overturn.

And then they can proceed with their life on their nice comfortable Congressional pension.

Democracy in America even forgives traitors.

I cannot.

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