Bush Attorney General has advice for Jim Hagedorn

Did you see the “Experience to Action: Reshaping Criminal Justice After Covid-19” report issued by former U.S. attorney general Alberto Gonzales [George W. Bush 2005 to 2007] and the National Commission on Covid-19 and Criminal Justice ?

Considering that the Party Of Trump — especially Jim Hagedorn — campaigned on opposition to “defunding the police“, the commission echoed nationwide calls to examine police funding prompted by George Floyd’s death in May at the hands of Minneapolis police.

The commission recommends diverting people suffering from mental health issues into treatment programs instead of arresting them.

Gonzales said he believes the phrase “defund the police” has become an unnecessary distraction because every community wants law enforcement to protect them.

“But I think we all have to admit it’s imperfect and mistakes are being made. I think moving money around in the criminal justice system makes sense,” Gonzales said. “We can’t overcome problems by incarcerating more people and by spending more money, it just doesn’t work.”

Another member of the commission said “People were talking about defunding the police as a choice, it’s about to happen as a matter of necessity because of the economic travails so many municipalities find themselves in.” Adding that with Covid-19 taking a toll on cities’ tax revenues it makes sense to rethink police-arrest practices, as its common knowledge among people in the field of criminal justice that “our jails and prisons have become this nation’s largest mental health institutions.”

“Defunding the police” has become a talking point for Representative Hagedorn looking to paint others as anti-law when even he acknowledges that “We are not talking about Mankato or Rochester police; we’re talking about big cities”. Yet, it was a election-theme winner for candidate Hagedorn … now, it is time for him to address the real question …. to support monies for the State of Minnesota for alternatives to incarceration.