Thank you, Mr. President (for Georgia)

This is a day for history. The mobs attacking the national capitol, attempting to undermine the democratic legacy of our country, was simply unbelievable. Inspired by your words and promotion, the country was shown why more than 81 million Americans voted to remove you from office. And many didn’t even vote for people down the ticket…..changing our president was their number one goal.

So, while your actions, attitudes, and behavior disgusted so many people, I wish to thank you for going to Georgia and providing a speech that helped suppress the vote of Republicans and allow two Democrats to win their senate seats and potentially turn control of the Senate, and the government, over to Democrats. You have done a great job of showing others why voting for Republicans is a stupid act…that your takeover of the party has made it non-functional and a disaster.

And a special thanks goes to your son, Eric, who told all Republican candidates that if they failed to support you and your effort to overturn the election, they will be targeted and will lose their jobs. Eric promised that anyone who didn’t show their love would be primaried by an opponent and would lose their ability to continue to serve. This great promise will hopefully throw the entire party into disarray and open the doors for so many more Democrats to be elected.

So, while today’s coup attempt was a disgrace to our nation, at least your bizarre and crazy behavior has helped the country to move forward and strengthened the Democratic Party and will help to make the nation better. Thanks for everything……and thanks for nothing. Here’s to a better 2021.

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