It’s True, The Election Was Rigged (In 2016)

There is much concern about the integrity of our elections in the US. While many claims have been made, it is time to understand the reality. No question about it, the US election was rigged and undermined and not an open and honest process. Here are the facts.

Russian hackers attacked the US election process, placing false claims on social media. They hacked Democratic Party websites and exposed emails from the presidential candidate, claiming they were illegally sent from a private account…which was supposedly against the law. They pressed the issue of illegal emails and developed a whole media message to “lock her up.” They never mentioned that Republican Secretary of State, Colin Powell, had recommended to the Democratic participant that she use a private server for emails (as he had done).

And while several states, many in the South, pressed for voter suppression by changing rules and processes that especially affected people of color and poor individuals, the election effort in the US was quite challenged. The impact of this effort to suppress votes made the outcome even more horrible, since the winner of the presidential election only won by about 75,000 votes in three states. Had the suppression and false information not been so dramatic, it is highly likely that the losing candidate would have won. In fact, that person received almost 3 million more popular votes than the person who won the electoral college. And the winner claimed that he actually won because there were 3 million votes by “illegal aliens,” all who voted for his opponent. Of course, this claim was false, but satisfied the winning candidate, who as an identified sociopath, could never believe he could lose at anything. People, in that election, voted against the Democratic candidate and not for the Republican nominee.

During this election, the winning candidate continuously praised Russian President Putin and continuously denied that Russia had interfered in the system. Even though security agencies of the US government verified it was Russia who interfered, the winning candidate continuously denied the Russian involvement and went on to deny other Russian interferences in the US society.

And a week before the election, FBI director James Comey revealed he was reopening the investigation into the Clinton emails. This bombshell announcement had a strong impact on the election process, and appeared to be done for Comey (who believed Clinton would win) to have “cover.” Yes, lots of strange things happening during this election.

And all through this election and even afterward the winner continuously denied Russian involvement in both the election and in other situations, such as where Russia placed bounties on US soldiers in foreign places or continued to spread false information throughout the social media systems in the United States.

The winning candidate continued to make claims for having Mexico pay for a border wall and promised to reveal has tax returns (as had every presidential candidate for the past 50 years). Any reasonable person would assume the reason he failed to show his taxes is because they would reveal some very negative information about him, like he had financial ties to Russia and other adversarial countries, and was involved in several shady financial deals that he didn’t want anyone to know about. Funny that no Republicans ever challenged this lack of disclosure, potentially exposed the US to Russian/foreign control. And four years after his election, he still has not exposed his tax returns to the public.

It is clear. Russia wanted very much to install Donald Trump as president of the United States so they could cause turmoil in the country and have him do destructive things that would hurt the US society. And results of damage over the last four years, culminating in an armed assault on the US capital, proved that their efforts were a success. No president in modern history has done as much damage to the US as has Mr. Trump. He removed the US from several international groups (Paris Accords and the World Health Organization), angered the entire Arab world by moving the US Consulate to Jerusalem, and insulted many of our friends around the world (including calling Africa “shithole” countries). And now he has incited mobs to engage in sedition and overturn the election of 2020.

He also changed staff and members of important government agencies more than another modern president, He followed through on his famous TV persona…..telling many people “you’re fired.” He even installed his children and relatives as leaders in the government, all of whom had no experience related to their positions. This clearly was the actions of a king, not a democratically elected president. Certainly not “draining the swamp.”
Yes, there is little question the election was rigged. And the 2016 presidential election will go down in history as one of the worst elections ever to be held in the country. We have witnessed one of the most horrible people ever to occupy the White House. And all as a result of influence of Vladimir Putin and his Russian colleagues. Thank goodness the 2020 election was better run and more secure, with an all-time high for voter participation…..more than 150 million people voting. Let’s hope America returns to its basic values and principles in 2021 and removes Russian influence in the United States.

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