Jan 22 “Demonized” Jim Hagedorn praises Trump and endorses human cloning legislation

The January 22 Hagedorn Report was headlined by Congressman Jim Hagedorn’s video message to the Minnesota Concerned Citizens For Life (MCCL) March for Life event.

In the message, Congressman Hagedorn played the victim card bemoaning that “people like us who dare to defend the basic human right of the unborn have been increasingly demonized by the press” … and gave a shout out to the Master of the Victim Card, “President Donald J. Trump, the most pro-life president in our lifetime” and vowed to “continue to fight for the policies that President Trump and his administration championed each and every day these past four years.”

In the Hagedorn Report, Congressman Hagedorn listed five legislative proposals that he has sponsored …. however, those were actually bills sponsored last session during the Trump years. Thus, far Congressman Hagedorn has only sponsored three bills (listed later).

Don’t ya gotta ask that if these bills were so important, why didn’t the Trump Administration pushed harder to get them enacted ?

Oh, sure, Congressman Hagedorn can blame the Democrat controlled House … but that does not explain why the companion bills were not voted on by the Republican controlled Senate. In reality, some of these proposals have been around for over a decade … and Congress has not enacted them.

Case in point : The Life At Conception Act can be traced back to 2009 when it was introduced as H. R. 881. The Life At Conception Act has not been introduced yet this session, but in the previous session it declares “that the right to life guaranteed by the Constitution is vested in each human being at all stages of life, including the moment of fertilization, cloning, or other moment at which an individual comes into being.”

Human cloning for reproductive purposes is banned in several countries but there was little support in the Republican controlled House to enact H.R.3498 – Human Cloning Prohibition Act of 2105. While science may believe that human cloning is not possible due to problems with spindle proteins and cell division, there are religious group (i.e. Clonaid ) that believe humans were created by extraterrestrials.

Congressman Hagedorn concluded his video by embracing a “commitment and passion to those most vulnerable in our society — those with special needs, the disabled, our elderly and especially our unborn”.

Hmmm … sorta interesting that Congressman Hagedorn vowed to “continue to fight for the policies that President Trump and his administration championed” and still be committed “to those most vulnerable in our society — those with special needs“.

Let us remember that the Trump Administration “championed” proposed funding cuts for Special Olympics and various special education programs – i.e in 2019, cuts of: $12.3 billion for Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) formula grants to states to support special education and early intervention services; a $7.5 million cut to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf; a $13 million cut for the deaf and hearing-impaired school; $5 million cut for the American Printing House for the Blind, a federal program that produces books for blind students.

Congress rejected the Trump Administration request … but that doesn’t mean that some Republicans fought hard for those cuts. “Some Republicans” means there were significant numbers of Members who supported making cuts and funding … for example, on July 31,2020, in a vote to cut special education grants to States by $648 million’ thus reducing support to provide services for 7.4 million students with disabilities, as Jim Hagedorn, Tom Emmer and 120 other Party of Trumpers voted for the cuts while Pete Stauber and 63 other Republicans joined with the Democrats to defeat the amendment.

Let us also recognize that funding for special education has been a contested request for years … something that former Second District Representative John Kline would advocate for the need to increase funding for Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). In fact, last session, five members of the Minnesota delegation, lead by Pete Stauber and Angie Craig, sponsored H.R.1878 – IDEA Full Funding Act … Jim Hagedorn was not one of them …. yet Congressman Hagedorn professes to be committed “those with special needs“.

In fact, Congressman Hagedorn has done little this session except to “to push back against leftwing overreach” … Congressman Hagedorn had time to record a video for MCCL yet failed to vote when the House weighed in on allowing Lloyd Austin to be the America’s next Secretary of Defense ( FYI The Senate confirmed him on Friday by a vote of 93 to 2 making the retired four-star general the first Black defense secretary in U.S. history. )

How long before Hagedorn-targetted voters realize that they are being played by Republicans ?

Thus far, the three bills that Congressman Hagedorn has cosponsored :

H. R. 38 – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act which would deny State’s Rights in regarding the criteria for possessing a firearm … in other words, people authorized in one State can go to another State armed without regard that visitors to the State could have more rights than current residents … imagine how the January 6th Capitol riot would have been if more people felt empowered to carry their weapons ?

H. R. 289 – Support Peaceful Protest Act … a nice sounding title for a bill which actually denies pandemic unemployment assistance for anyone convicted of convicted of Federal offenses during the course of protests and also holds them financially liable for the cost of Federal policing. Since this is not retroactive, and people would have to be convicted to have the penalty applied, this seems to add another bureaucratic check that may actually delay getting deserving people qualified for any unemployment assistance. The language of the bill is rather broad and does not distinguish between those charged with seditious conspiracy, advocating for overthrow of the government, treason or rioting thus it is interesting that Congressman Hagedorn specifically addresses unemployment assistance but fails to demand that federal law include a provision to prohibit a convicted person of these activities from acquiring or possessing firearms … something that varies based on certain crimes convicted.

and the bill that MCCL cares about, H. R. 243 – Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act which has the implied goal of preventing Planned Parenthood from getting any future funds.

All three bills were sponsored in the last session …. and Congress failed to act on them … so once again, how long before Hagedorn-targetted voters realize that they are being played by him ?

After four years of the Trump, Jim Hagedorn now feels demonized while others are finally waking up to a better America.

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