Is It Time To Update the Hagedorn Billboard to Include Mrs. Hagedorn (Jennifer Carnahan) ?

It seems like it was just yesterday when the Citizens for Truth and Integrity “Stop attacking our democracy” billboard were installed … but already it seems dated … it needs an update … to feature Mrs. Hagedorn.


Why ?

Well, if you heard the audio clip contained in a tweet from Rebecca Brannon, ya gotta ask a few questions

While the comment inferring that Congressman Hagedorn is “gonna be dead in two years” may seem to be harsh, callous, or heartless, it could also be factual and realistic if based on medical opinions given to a spouse to inform her of the diagnosis of his cancer. The intent of that comment is only something that Mr. and Mrs. Hagedorn know. Although it is curious that Congressman Hagedorn did not announce a recurrence of his stage IV kidney cancer until July 7 … a full six months after Mrs. Hagedorn offered her prognosis.

Side Note : Spouses of Members of Congress who expire during their final term are provided one-year’s salary plus the Member may purchase life insurance as part of their Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) benefit. Compare that to a Capitol Policeman whose spouse does not receive any additional pay if they die while employed and the optional life insurance premium is shared with the policeman paying 2/3 of the total cost and the Government paying 1/3.

But there is another comment on the tape that Minnesota First District constituents deserve to have an answer … at roughly 1:30 of the tape, a question is asked “Jennifer, was Jim [incoherent] the protesters that broke into the House today, House chambers, was he overly exposed to people?”

That essentially confirms the date of the recording as January 6th at The Ritz-Carlton on Amelia Island Florida and begs the question what interactions did Congressman Hagedorn have with anyone in the days proceeding the January 6th protest, as well as interactions during the day and the days after. One could interpret the question as being concerned about Congressman Hagedorn interacting with people who may be transmitting COVID (or even just the “ordinary flu”) and just a friend expressing concern for Jennifer’s husband’s health …. OR … it could be, “Did Congressman Hagedorn know any of the people who were involved in the January 6th attack that resulted in injuries to more than 150 law enforcement officers and damage to the physical property.”

The tape does not present Mrs. Hagedorn lamenting any concern over the events of the day … just that she was willing to pay (out of her own money) for a hotel room for a friend … a room that could cost over $1,000 for nightly stay.

That prompts another question that many have wondered, “Who paid the travel costs and hotel for those who participated in the Capitol riot” ? If Mrs. Hagedorn was so willing to pay for a room for a fellow RNC bigwig, did she have any involvement in arranging for anyone to attend the protest ?

Note : The authenticity of the recording was not stated in the tweet.

Another question that should be answered refers to Mrs. Hagedorn’s podcast co-host Anton Lazzaro

Anton Lazzaro was the campaign chairman for Lacy Johnson’s unsuccessful attempt to defeat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in Minnesota’s Fifth District. Lacy Johnson campaign spent $12,000,896 (including $4,252,412 on credit card processing fees, mostly handled through WinRed) in this losing effort … getting only 102,878 votes (less than 26% of the vote). Following the 2020 campaign, several Trump donors said they were unknowingly billed for recurring contributions to the Trump campaign via WinRed, as much as several thousand dollars in some cases. Even Republicans have expressed concern about WinRed’s profits, noting that it was unclear who stood to gain from use of the service and comparing the higher fees of WinRed to those of competitors. Congressman Hagedorn paid WinRed $18,598 for its services last year … all leading to the question … who made the money on WinRed and were there any kickbacks given to any campaign managers or party officials. One of the issues that some Republicans are pushing via WinRed is to oppose H R 1 For The People Act which alters campaign finance laws including digital advertisements … Congressman Hagedorn is adamantly opposed to the legislation which passed the House on March 3.

It is a said state that in today’s political world that “connected” individuals are campaigning on #TruthMatters and “attacking our democracy” with “lies” to “divide us”.