Pete Stauber Congressional Office Spending Spree (UP $372,000)

Surely, Minnesota’s Eight District constituents have heard “Representative” Pete Stauber complaints about spending … “President Biden and Speaker Pelosi’s out of control spending sprees have resulted in 41-year high inflation, and Americans are struggling to put food on the table, fill up their gas tanks and pay for other necessary goods. Democrats are on an economically catastrophic spending spree.”

So, what can a Congressman do about that ???

Well, ranting and raving may get a headline but if the Member is serious, he/she can start with their own congressional office spending … ’cause there has to be somethings that can be cut … yeah, the Member may not be able to control how much it costs to leave your car at an airport (while you take a $20,286.32 “gift” trip with your wife to Spain – Did Ya Know that taxpayers paid $248 for Jodi and Pete’s parking expenses during their November getaway) but how about how much postage you buy (wonder if anyone told Pete that emails are free?)

Did you know that according to Pete Stauber’s Members’ Representational Allowance in 2021, he spent $88,991.43 for postage ? That may seem like a lot … but the 2022 spending was even higher $192,696.55. That’s correct $103,705.12 more !

Acknowledging that stamps have increased in price from 55 cents to 63 cents, “Representative” Stauber spent over $90,000 more on postage factoring the price increase …. with the underlying message that Democrats are on an economically catastrophic spending spree. Really ?

“Representative” Stauber was clearly the leader in the Minnesota delegation for postage expense … actually combining all four DFLers and throw in another $50,000, and Pete Stauber still beats ’em. (Hint for anyone wanting to reduce their postage expenses should have a conversation with Third District Congressman Dean Phillips who spent a whopping $2,042.76 … over $190,000 less than Pete Stauber …. apparently “Our Way Of Life” means people do not use the Internet and email. Hmmm … wonder how much campaign solicitations and responses are done via the mail versus the Internet ?

But that is just postage … what was in mailing ? Was it a response from a constituent’s request or a piece of mass mailing designed to promote Pete Stauber ?

Well, the MN Political Roundtable has already noted that during the 117th Congress, Pete Stauber has authorized in the Printing and Reproductions Account over $307,426 to KAP Franked — part of KAP Strategies which is in the voter contact mail business. “KAP Strategies consistently produces specific, targeted and one of a kind creative concepts that get that extra look, get noticed, talked about and get acted on when people vote.” Gosh, does that sound more like election-focused mailings versus informing his constituents of critical changes by federal agencies that impact them ? What would happen if constituents in Birchdale did not know that Pete Stauber was concerned about their “Zip Code Issues” ? Hint : They might get their regular mailing a little later than others in the District but they would get his mass mailing quicker.

Interesting fact, after it was announced that Jim Hagedorn was being investigated by the Ethics Committee for questionable mailing costs, he only spent $20,527.59 for Printing and Reproduction services in 2021 and 2022 ($12,436.55 in 2021 and $8.091.04 in 2022).

Funny thing is that according to election laws, incumbents cannot send any massed mail immediately before an election … and funny thing, there were no payments to KAP Franked in the fourth quarter. But overall, “Representative” Stauber’s spending for “Printing and Reproductions” (which is where payments for franked mail are recorded), increased from $117,713.73 in 2021 to $191,465.67. Yep an increase of over $73,750.

Overall, Pete Stauber’s MRA spending increased over $372,000 in 2022. Biden and Pelosi did not force “Representative” Stauber to spend taxpayer money like that … he made the choice. Like the choice to let Eighth District constituents know that he is focused on Zip Code issues !

NOTE : Whenever you see the comment “Paid For By The Funds Authorized By The House Of Representatives For The 8th District Minnesota”, recognize that “Representative” Stauber deemed that expenditure to be critical and YOU are paying for it.