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Is education Pres. Bruininks #1 priority? OR artificial glory? I have been seeing stories reported in the news that have raised some questions about what direction Pres. Bruininks is taking the U of MN in. Everything starts and finishes with the Gopher football stadium, which was partially funded by the school (state of Minnesota) and TCF Bank. It seems like Pres. Bruininks wanted […]

The MN Tower of Babel

We are getting really close to the primary, August 10th to be exact. I saw the results yesterday of the KSTP/Service USA poll and it showed that Mark Dayton had around 43% of the vote and Margaret Anderson Kelliher had 27%. Leaving Matt Enteza with 22%. When you look at any type of poll, you […]

Three months…

Three months ago today, I received the DFL endorsement to be the State Senate candidate in District 36.  I was both excited and scared at the same time.  Yesterday, I read this quote on my father-in-law’s Facebook page: “Regardless of your present situation you should proceed immediately to set a goal to achieve something so […]

More MAK Literature From Education Minnesota

Earlier this month I received my first piece of campaign literature from Education Minnesota about endorsed gubernatorial candidate, Margaret Anderson Kelliher. The piece was part biography to introduce educators to Kelliher and part legislative record showing how she has been a supporter of education in Minnesota. Within the last week, a new piece by Education […]