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MAK Campaign reaching out to Native American communities and MORE?

On Monday, Margaret Anderson Kelliher and a number of Native American leaders from around the state met at Mille Lacs Band Government Center. The meeting was held to discuss the different challenges that Native American communities face. Over the past few months, Margaret has been making a strong effort to help establish/re-establish  relationships with Native […]

Erik Paulsen: Pro-Wall Street, Anti-Consumer

Last week, I posted over at MPP about Paulsen’s votes on consecutive days against reforming Wall Street after its risky behavior plunged the country’s economy into recession, then against extending unemployment benefits for the people that it left without jobs the very next day. Paulsen has shown, time and time again, that he is completely […]

Campaign Literature: MAK & Education Minnesota

In early May, Education Minnesota announced that it would endorse Margaret Anderson Kelliher for Governor. Last week, I and perhaps 70,000 other educators across Minnesota received the first piece of campaign literature from Education Minnesota about why we should support Kelliher. The front page of the mailer: The inside left page of the mailer: The […]

You Had Me At Renaissance…

I don’t normally just post a link without comment but after reading an article by Diane Ravitch about education reform entitled, “In Need of a Renaissance“, I had to share. It’s long but well worth the read for anyone interested in the ongoing debates to improve education. Here is the link to the article that […]