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What is the job for MN08 Pete Stauber’s consultants ? (Get money? awards?)

Remember when Donald Trump would praise his nominees as being “right out of central casting” ? Think back to 2018 when the Party of Trump was looking for a candidate to be Minnesota’s Eighth District Representative …. what would be the “casting call” ? Athletic, military service, small business owner, maintain a conventional family and […]

MN08 Pete Stauber sending over $220,000 taxpayer dollars to GOP political consulting firm

Fiscal conservatives always preach about “wasteful government spending by federal bureaucrats” and the need to “eliminate slush funds” … so voters should expect elected Republicans to led by example … right ? And the one area that they can personally control is their own Member’s Representational Allowance (MRA). The MRA is to be used for […]

MN01 Brad Finstad following Jim Hagedorn’s questionable ethics pattern

Jim Hagedorn’s death could have meant the end of the House Ethics Committee investigation into whether he had allowed the use of official funds for impermissible expenditures … but the Committee has not announced its conclusion yet. Now questions are already being asked about Hagedorn’s replacement — Brad Finstad. There were numerous issues for the […]

MN01 Jeremy Munson’s Interesting Choices

Dear Residents of the First Congressional District, I’m Jeremy Munson, and I am running to represent you in the US Congress. You will soon be bombarded with political mailers from multiple candidates using buzzwords and providing little to no meaningful information, or worse yet, negative attacks. Jeremy Munson is correct … voters need “meaningful information” […]

MN01 Special Election Fundraising : Matt Benda, Pork and Family

Jim Hagedorn’s last legislative proposal before his death, was House Resolution 931, which was to place a national debt clock in the House Chamber because “reckless spending have caused inflation to skyrocket and fueled a national debt increase that has become unmanageable“. That was Congressman Hagedorn efforts to remind Members that “programmatic requests” or “community […]

MN01 Special Election Fundraising Review : Carnahan gets Zero PAC donations; Munson gets non-corporate PAC donations; Finstad gets GOP PAC monies

The first FEC reports from candidates for Minnesota’s Special Election to replace Jim Hagedorn are out …. and it provides just a hint of what to expect prior to the May 24th primaries — lotsa money …. well at least on the MNGOP side. The FEC reports cover the monies raised and spent up to […]