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Jan 22 “Demonized” Jim Hagedorn praises Trump and endorses human cloning legislation

The January 22 Hagedorn Report was headlined by Congressman Jim Hagedorn’s video message to the Minnesota Concerned Citizens For Life (MCCL) March for Life event. In the message, Congressman Hagedorn played the victim card bemoaning that “people like us who dare to defend the basic human right of the unborn have been increasingly demonized by […]

Bush Attorney General has advice for Jim Hagedorn

Did you see the “Experience to Action: Reshaping Criminal Justice After Covid-19” report issued by former U.S. attorney general Alberto Gonzales [George W. Bush 2005 to 2007] and the National Commission on Covid-19 and Criminal Justice ? Considering that the Party Of Trump — especially Jim Hagedorn — campaigned on opposition to “defunding the police“, […]

MN01 Marijuana and Mail-in Precincts Key to Hagedorn Re-election

The results are unofficial, but it appears what some national observers called a “toss-up” contest in Minnesota’s First District, will be a 3% victory for the incumbent Jim Hagedorn. Surprised ? Considering the numerous ethics issues circulating around Congressman Hagedorn and his narrow 1,315 margin in 2018, a rematch with Dan Feehan certainly would lead […]

If you are Unmarried or a Lesbian, 73 GOP Vote to Deny You Worker Pregnancy Rights

Readers of the MN Political Roundtable may recall a commentary from 2015 concerning the need to update The Pregnancy Discrimination Act. The Supreme Court had problems with the then 35-year-old law which the courts interpreted to mean that if an employer treats their non-pregnant employees well, they must treat pregnant employees the same way. […]

Aug 21 Hagedorn Report : Ignoring Problems as Hagedorn’s Hypes Funding Win over Stauber

Was anyone surprised by the subjects that were discussed in First District Congressman Jim Hagedorn’s August 21st Hagedorn Report email? Sure, there were a lot of headlines that Congressman Hagedorn could have commented on : Select Intelligence Committee’s bipartisan report on Russian interference in the 2016 election; Trump’s Mankato “Rally of Lies” ; […]