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If you are Unmarried or a Lesbian, 73 GOP Vote to Deny You Worker Pregnancy Rights

Readers of the MN Political Roundtable may recall a commentary from 2015 concerning the need to update The Pregnancy Discrimination Act. The Supreme Court had problems with the then 35-year-old law which the courts interpreted to mean that if an employer treats their non-pregnant employees well, they must treat pregnant employees the same way. […]

Aug 21 Hagedorn Report : Ignoring Problems as Hagedorn’s Hypes Funding Win over Stauber

Was anyone surprised by the subjects that were discussed in First District Congressman Jim Hagedorn’s August 21st Hagedorn Report email? Sure, there were a lot of headlines that Congressman Hagedorn could have commented on : Select Intelligence Committee’s bipartisan report on Russian interference in the 2016 election; Trump’s Mankato “Rally of Lies” ; […]

MN01 Hagedorn : Moms should fend for themselves

Jim Hagedorn’s January 25 town hall event held in Fillmore County’s Spring Valley was memorable due to his statement that “people should fend for themselves” made during a discussion of the Trump Administration’s plans to cut food assistance benefits (SNAP aka “food stamps“), but also because he was asked to support the health care of […]

Hagedorn Tele-TownHall : Seniors should move to South Dakota; Everyone else Back to Work / School

On Thursday, I got the phone that every Minnesota First District voter wanted … an invitation to Congressman Jim Hagedorn’s Tele-TownHall event that afternoon. No doubt that many expected a big announcement — such as, after the U S military which was retreating from Germany would be redeployed to protect Confederate statues … but there […]

An Unholy Alliance : MN08 Pete Stauber’s Award and BigPharma’s Marketing

On Friday, July 24th, Congressman Pete Stauber (MN-08) issued a press release announcing that he had received the Champion for Healthy Seniors Award from the Partnership to Fight Chronic Diseases. Impressed ? Well, Congressman Stauber is not the first Minnesotan to receive this “rare” award as Minnesota’s First District Congressman Jim Hagedorn issued a similar […]