MN01 Hagedorn bashes other religions on Christian radio

It’s been just about a month since Minnesota’s First District Congressman Jim Hagedorn issued a Hagedorn Report, and the January 9th Report ignores the various votes that he made since the December 11th Report … like stating his opposition to funding the military by his support for Donald Trump’s veto. ICYMI – Trump’s veto was […]

Thank you, Mr. President (for Georgia)

This is a day for history. The mobs attacking the national capitol, attempting to undermine the democratic legacy of our country, was simply unbelievable. Inspired by your words and promotion, the country was shown why more than 81 million Americans voted to remove you from office. And many didn’t even vote for people down the […]

Bush Attorney General has advice for Jim Hagedorn

Did you see the “Experience to Action: Reshaping Criminal Justice After Covid-19” report issued by former U.S. attorney general Alberto Gonzales [George W. Bush 2005 to 2007] and the National Commission on Covid-19 and Criminal Justice ? Considering that the Party Of Trump — especially Jim Hagedorn — campaigned on opposition to “defunding the police“, […]

The Traitors Among Us

All we can do now is remember this moment. To let the democratic process do a course correction. In the next election, if there is true justice, these traitors will finally find the exile they deserve.

Years Apart: Same Story

His lies in 2016 are repeated again in 2020. I can only hope, with his departure, that we can return to a more sane society, governed by facts, truth, and logic, and not have to listen to a delusional idiot barrage our society with stupid and untrue comments and discussions

Relief and Disbelief

We waited all week. Finally, the numbers indicated Mr. Biden was going to win the election. And the first woman in history will serve as vice-president. And she is a woman of color, from Jamaica and India.

MN01 Marijuana and Mail-in Precincts Key to Hagedorn Re-election

The results are unofficial, but it appears what some national observers called a “toss-up” contest in Minnesota’s First District, will be a 3% victory for the incumbent Jim Hagedorn. Surprised ? Considering the numerous ethics issues circulating around Congressman Hagedorn and his narrow 1,315 margin in 2018, a rematch with Dan Feehan certainly would lead […]

Hard to Believe

Let’s hope voters realize supporting Trump is the same as supporting people who hate the US. Why they don’t see this fact is unsettling? Hopefully enough people will reject his second term….and return the country to leaders who actually represent the people and interests of the United States.