MN01 Marijuana and Mail-in Precincts Key to Hagedorn Re-election

The results are unofficial, but it appears what some national observers called a “toss-up” contest in Minnesota’s First District, will be a 3% victory for the incumbent Jim Hagedorn. Surprised ? Considering the numerous ethics issues circulating around Congressman Hagedorn and his narrow 1,315 margin in 2018, a rematch with Dan Feehan certainly would lead […]

Hard to Believe

Let’s hope voters realize supporting Trump is the same as supporting people who hate the US. Why they don’t see this fact is unsettling? Hopefully enough people will reject his second term….and return the country to leaders who actually represent the people and interests of the United States.

Two Sides of the Story

So, Mr. Graham. When you try to tell a story, tell the whole story. It helps us all to understand how we work together to help each other, even when some pay more than their fair share.

A Taxing Problem

Simply put, Trump and his family are scam artists. Hopefully voters will fulfill his final Apprentice wish: “you’re fired.”

Remembering RBG

Rest in Peace RBG. We will Respect your Bold Goals. We will Remember you as a Brilliant Guru. We will honor your life of dedication and perseverance.